Mystic Poet

“TESTING THE MUMBLER!!” a poem Monday Nov. 19, 2018

There’s-NO-escaping-YOURself – Ya! Yourself-a-even-though,

Sometimes something-in-you THINKS-You can-a-make-it-so!

So – TEST IT, If-you-will – on-your-OWN-a-pub(l)ic-head,

But-YOUR-Facebook-Filter’ll-get-ya! But-do-avoid-“the red,”

When-you-catch-yourself-“in-viol!” of stan’ds-of com-mun-ity!

For, each-a-social network-has-its-limits, and “NAUGH-TY,”

Must-go-a-to-a-place like – for-instance, TUM-BL-R,

For “Hot-a-Pockets” there – don’t-get-silenced-by-MUMBLER!!

Your-“Mum-bler”-lives-in-Facebook; IT-is -ITS-“Eagle-Eye!”

No-“provocatives”-post-here!! The-eagle-won’t-let-them-FLY!!

So, IF-ya-wanna put – a “pretty-shot”-somewhere,

Stay away from MUMBLER, for (you know that) IF-you-dare,

It’ll-be-“No’one-sees-your-posts-here!” not-just a week in JAIL,

And there-is NO APPEAL – from-Mumbler’s DREADED MAIL!

IT’S-NOT BETTER-OR-WORSE! ‘Tis-simply: Just diff’runt!

So, IN-FACEBOOK: You-wanna-post “private-skin?”

Well! MUMBLER-says: “You cun’t!

fin ❤

“In Facebook, DON’T BOOK A GIF ARSE IN THE MOUTH!” The Mystic Poet


Bet this one caught your eye didn’t see it.

Social Media has now changed.

Messenger is the greatest nightmare of all.

Do you know all your social media sites and blogs are open to the use by these social media Sites?

Anyone can access your Social Media sites

With Messenger.

Me Mubbler ( translate yourself with a T )

Porn site glore.

Just think you porn watches looking for cheap sex you money pinching stupid folk.

How would you like to see your Daughter, son, mum or Dad caught in the sex slave trade plied with drugs threatened with your life or your families and friends safety

Think again paying for the Sex Slave trade you are guilty of the Crime also.

This blog encourages Kindness, Humanity for all.

Peace to you. 🕊


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