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Rest in Peace to the innocent 9 month old angel found on a Surfer’s Paradise Beach.

Why would authorities allow longterm homeless parents who were “well known” to police to keep 2 children ?

There is anger on the Gold Coast after a nine-month-old girl was found washed up on its world famous Surfers Paradise beach yesterday. Her lifeless, naked body was found by a passer-by at the edge of the water at Surfers Paradise about 12.30am on Monday but police say paramedics never stood a chance of reviving her.

This poor little angel never stood a chance, we are not saying that parents who are homeless will hurt their child, we are saying that if a couple is “well known” to police and they are known to be living on sand dunes, they are known to have one parent with severe drug and alcohol issues, then please step in for the sake of the children !

The girl’s family had been living in parks and seeking shelter from Tweed Heads to Surfers Paradise. At least two locals say they contacted police and other authorities about the family, which had been sleeping rough near the beach where the nine-month-old was found dead.

Detectives are trying to determine if the baby was dead before she was found by a passer-by at the water’s edge. It’s believed she had been in the water at some point. Meanwhile, NSW Police are looking at the parents’ movements in the Tweed Heads area, on the border with Queensland, where they were also known to have been sleeping rough.

So they know all these things about the couple who are responsible for not just the 9 month old but also for her sibling, they are clearly not providing a good environment for the children to grow up in, they clearly don’t have the skills to provide a good stable home for the children, so why didn’t anyone step in and help the family for the sake of these children ?

Her 48 year old father and 23 year old mother were found 5 kms away in Broadbeach and were only found because of a domestic violence call in which the father was arrested on suspicion of committing an indictable offence. They weren’t out frantically looking for the 9 month old, they weren’t out trying to resuscitate her. No they were 5 kms away arguing. They hadn’t even reported the little baby girl missing !

Poor little bub, didn’t deserve any of this !

Local resident Erin Sorensen says she went to police two months ago to share her concerns about the baby, as well as a toddler who was also sleeping rough with the couple. “Clearly, I wasn’t taken seriously,” she wrote on Facebook.

“It was winter and the dunes were freezing every time the sun went down. I didn’t think that was good for a baby or toddler.”

“They had blankets at that time but I would hear the newborn crying early hours of morning,” a Surfers Paradise resident told the Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday. “Why was the baby left with the parents — just why?” Why indeed Erin…… imagine if they had gone there and helped this baby girl. She would be alive today.

Police have now recovered a two-year-old boy in a “healthy” condition — who is believed to be the dead baby’s sibling and is now in the care of the state’s Department of Child Safety. This is awesome news but imagine if they had gone in before his sister had died, they would have 2 children recovered.

Good friend of FACAA and founder of Bravehearts Hetty Johnston says there must be a public inquiry into how the baby was left in such a heart-breaking situation.

“The public needs to understand the system they are paying for and how broken it is,” the Bravehearts founder told AAP.

“If they (child services) did know about this family, we need to know what happened here. And if they didn’t know, then there’s something seriously wrong there.”

Absolutely Hetty ! We need to know who knew what and why they did not act ! What is the cause of this inaction ? Is it understaffing, underfunding ? Why did no one help this little girl ?

The homeless parents were known to child safety services. However Child Safety Minister Di Farmer refused to comment on the case, citing privacy.

Privacy, that’s very convenient isn’t it. The amount of information hidden from the public under the guise of privacy is just disgusting. We need a Royal Commission into Child services and the Family law Courts long before we need one into supermarkets, our children are literally dying, the system responsible for protecting them is so broken it is beyond repair and whenever questions are asked, we always hear the same response I’m sorry, no comment due to privacy…. we can’t discuss that without breaching the privacy laws.

Opposition Deputy Leader Tim Mander said it would be “incredibly disturbing” if the girl was known to child ­safety services.
“What happened to this little nine-month-old girl was an absolute tragedy,” Mr Mander said. “We will await the outcome of police investigations, but if the parents were known to child ­safety and nothing was done then that needs to be made public.”

Reverend Jon Brook, of the St John’s Church crisis care centre in Surfers Paradise, told the Courier Mail he believed his service had tried to help the couple find affordable accommodation.

“If it’s the couple I believe, they were living as rough as it gets — in parks, toilet blocks, under bridges, wherever,” he said. “This is just a terrible tragedy. I feel for that poor little child.”

The Bulletin revealed that seven months ago, a concerned Surfers Paradise resident told Gold Coast City Council about the homeless family and it was also flagged with welfare services.

All these people knew about this couple, it is believed they were visited by the homeless services but refused help however that’s still yet another service that would have no doubt reported their living conditions to child services and still, both children were in the parent’s “care.”

The parent’s may have refused help for themselves but the children were too young to have a voice, that is why we have child welfare services who are supposed to act responsibly for the safety of the children.

We hear of cases all the time where children are removed from good parents without any provocation, we hear of cases of children removed from loving homes on false reports and cases where protective parents lose custody for refusing to force their child to have unsupervised visitation with their abuser, and yet, here we have parents living rough for a long time, being well known to police and child welfare, having drug and alcohol dependency issues and they keep custody of their 2 children, one infant and one toddler.
Why ?

Rest in peace little Angel, we are so sorry that you were not protected…. we all let you down.

FACAA will not stop until these questions of how and why this was allowed to happen, are answered and action is put in place to prevent what happened to you from ever happening again !

You deserved so much better…
Fly high now baby girl 💕

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