Mystic Poet

“THE BLOB 2!” a poem. a.k.a.: “How I Fell In Love With The Blob AND We Lived Happily Ever After!” Sunday: November 18, 2018

THE BLOB showed up HERE! My-bathroom!! IT-was-really-messed!

[The Blob:]

“Well, YEA! I-sorry-’bout-that, BUT-I-always-try-my-best!

Would you just PLEASE consider – LOVING ME TODAY?

No-one ever loves me! I’m-such-a-SLIMY-GROSS-ARRAY,

Of-This-&-That-of-Love-&-Hate (pause) &-Fear, with-confident-STRAIN,

I’m-pretty-sure – amidst-ALL-THIS-OOZING, I’ve got a healthy brain!”

And SO – I loved my Blob-by friend; I loved her on and on,

And-hoped that she would not consume – her-admiring bon vivant!

And, as we-grew more com-for’able (pause) I noticed subtle change,

She DID transform, before me eyes – from gelatin-to- some-mange,

And, eventually, She DID wear some clothes, to cover private parts,

And, also, eventually – She DID-NOT – always – smell of farts!!

And! The-atmosphere – in our GOOD HOME,

Was more pristine!! And! She-did-NOT-roam,

As much at night – to eat The Neighbors,

She stayed more HERE, with-TV – and-household labors!


She lost her filthy, stained, gelatinous glow!!

I guess! The intensely-radiated curse up-on,

HER! Was-neutralized-by-LOVE – from this – per-son,

For, perhaps, my LOVE – had quenched Her fear,

Of never-ever-finding – no-love – ‘round here!! 🙂 -Kisses!

AND-SHE’s-ALWAYS-BEEN – Yes! – so-bloody-pretty TO ME,

That, FOREVER-NOW – we’ll be-so – darn – hap-py!!

fin ❤

“At first, sometimes you must take baby elephant steps!!” The Mystic Poet.


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