Mystic Poet

“THE BLOB!” a poem 11/18/2018 – Su-n-day!!
I (t) was-born – from-The-Primordial*-Muck, &-IT-came-here-who-knows-WHY!

Perhaps – to sip & suck – Perhaps – to make men cry!

It slivered into existence, in Sterile – Pur-i-ty;

It came at a-critical-moment; it came – on bended knee?!

It’s-unclear – if-IT-had any purpose-initially, there, at ITs birth,

BUT IF-NONE (soon) some**-was-installed, & it-began-to-crawl-The-Earth,

And, as it fed, it grew – into Ungodly Proportions, in ITs-Kingdom-by-the-Sea;***

It grew – and swelled – and lived – (I guess) in-sadness-AND-ga-ie-ty!!

And WHAT IT DID!! Can-you-blame-IT? – was programmed-in-THAT-Way?

Who-is-to-know? We’ll only guess!! It-grew-stronger-every-DAY,

And, now that-it-has-expanded – is it comin’ – for-me-and-you?

Whatever it does – it surely WILL!**** AND-if-IT-attacks, I’ll ask IT, “WHO,

ARE YOU? And – Why are you here?”

And IT may answer: “Well! I’m not too clear,

On that-there question! But I have a notion –

That my existence HERE – can raise quite-a-commotion!

But I’m all IN THE MIND, if you can call it THAT,

And I do THE-BEST-I-CAN, with my cane and hat,

And THEY TELL ME I-WAS-”B O R N,” but I don’t remember,

FROM PRIMEVAL MUCK – in Mid-September,

And I AM T H E B L O B – a swell bunch of cells,

A BODY – with-a-brain – and – TIME – ONLY TELLS!!” 🙂 – O. M. G.!

fin ❤

* – i.e.: Primeval!

** – purpose

*** – credit(s) to Edgar Allan Poe

**** – do!


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