Beautiful people of my heart, I hear rumours of wars and much talk of the fate of many, know it is not yet for all who are moving into the vibration of love continue to grow. Shout out to all not as a warning but as a gift of eternal love in the Father /Mother vibration remains open. Jesus says follow me for he prepares a place for you. We are living at the time of new beginnings all will be welcome if their heart if filled with love and they wish no more for the old teachings of separation. Worry not that you will be forgotten , for your vibration is preparing for entrance into the eternal love vibration. If a time comes for ascension, or rapture or the crossing into the light with those that are a part of Gods army of love. if you have taken ownership of love as who you are your crossing into the new earth is assured. I so love you all. Luke Le Bree.


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