Mystic Poet

“RIME OF THE SMOOTH SAILING SAILOR!” a poem Saturday: 11/10/2018

It -can-be SMOOTH SAILING, this time we spend –

For – There’s no beginning, (pause) and no end!

The activities – that we devise (?)

Are here! before our sparkling eyes,

Indoors, outdoors – bed and boat,

Sailing along! Please! Take note:

Fill your voyage with things so sweet!

Just do-things-SMOOTHLY, to avoid “the heat,”

Of frantic, pell-mell enterprise;

Your time is YOURS! Prioritize!

And-sailing’s ENDLESS – So – RELAX-THERE;

Fret-just-a-little, but – don’t-pull your hair!

No-need to push-things ‘til you’re “burned out,”

‘Til your life (pause) doth make you shout,

And NOT with welcome joys and thrills,

But-with-overwhelm (?) Yes, TOO MUCH KILLS,

The-satisfaction you might enjoy;

Guilt’s-an-ever-present – tricky – ploy!


Take each moment – in Life’s Journal,

And-have-a-smooth – and a pleasant “walk,”

OR (?) (pause) erratic jolts of noise and talk,

Of non-stop, senseless activity;

Yes, sometimes – our proclivity,

Is-to allow-a-FLOOD – to rule the day;

Who’s in charge? It’s YOU, I pray!

So take each moment and don’t be caught,

In a-current (pause) that is fraught,

With: a.s.a.p. s – must-do s – hurries-and-nows!

Go-with: maybe s – sounds-good (pause) and-smooth(e)-some-how s!

And don’t JUST read this calming verse!

And then get frantic – or TOO terse!


SMOOTHLY SAIL! Be real “HEP!” 🙂 – Groo-oovy!

fin ❤

SONG (to the tune: “Wabash Cannonball!”)

I’m a smoothly sailing sailor; I sail right along!

With the ocean spray – My clouds ain’t gray, as I sing this sailing song!

I steer with confidence and joy – with-the rhythm of The SEA;

It’s in my Heart, and I’ll-never-part, From this SAILING HAR-MONY!

I sail smooth and silky, With a-little-breeze in my hair:

A smoothly sailing sailor, With a clever, jaunty air:

I smile and sing and whistle, And-the waves they are my friends!

I’m-a smoothly sailing sailor man – and my song – it never ends!

Ohhhh! (Repeat first part!)


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