Letter to my Husband

Yes, I did wrong by Facebook. It was worth it 😏
Some folk believe it’s ok to send porn through Messenger. He made a very big mistake. The world saw his Timeline with his private parts for the world to see with a note yes in my name and exactly what he did, yes he was married. 😏 I was Jailed for eight days. That stupid man, well he has a life ban. Now his Aeroplane equipment is floating in Cyber Space forever with his name. My husband would outdo that jerk anyway 😁😅😃🤔

To my Dear sweet Husband

If you ever read this, ( not that he reads anything I write or do)

Sorry, Darling, that’s a secret I hid from you.

Secretly I’m on facebook, oh my😔

My husband loves me just the way I am 😁

Perhaps later I will update you all on the consequences of my secret Facebook life

My husband understands me just the way I am, MYSTERY FOOL 🌞🙌


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