Just as Australia has the deadliest snakes in the world, our serpents are terrifying. The shark serpent may be the reason why many whales beach themselves. 🙄😁


Kansas Official Tells Black Woman He’s Member of the ‘Master Race:’ ‘Don’t Ever Forget That’ American news


J. Jay Samuel Davis

Now that we have determined that EVEN THE DIRECTOR is liable to be a “no-show,” for the Community Thanksgiving Concert this evening, the poem entitled: “JESUS SHOWS,” dated November 7, 2018, is surely brought to mind!! However, what will the fate of those errant “melodierizers” be? Well, just this morning, anticipating the situation at The Presbyterian Church at about 7:00 P. M. this evening [when the concert is SUPPOSED, to begin with MORE than one choir member!], this poem “arrived,” and I think this should quell your concerns – as to – their fate(s): I just – call it …

“WHATEVER HAPPENED – TO THE O T H E R SINGERS IN THE CHOIR?” a poem a.k.a.: “The AFTERMATH!” a.k.a.: “What Happens IF JESUS SHOWS And You Get On The Wrong Star Ship!” November 15, 2018 (Thor’s Day)

So, Yes! Good J-Jay-and-Jesus – (pause) sang their Thanksgiving DUET!

And, of course – it WAS a-really-BIG, “a-really-big-shoe,” you bet!

But we’ve-wondered often – what the fate – of-The-Others-REALLY WAS:

“Happily Ever After!” doesn’t-always-happen JUST BECAUSE!

However-let’s-hold-judgment – and-release This-GLAD-News-Flash:

[The-choir-members HAVE-returned – and they brought with them some cash.*]

This-here – is-the-account, we-have, and, I-assure-you-it’s-NO-CON,

For we got-it – from choir members – like MAD-and-PENNY – JAN** & DON!

In their OWN WORDS is appropriate, as we-consider “such-other dimensions;”

Thank GOODNESS things turned about so well – we offer these pretensions:

“We climbed aboard their star ship; we headed for the skies,

And, goodness, little-did-we-know – it-was SATAN in disguise,

Disguised like-The-Blessed-Jesus – how-could-we-have-been-so-mistaken!?

Anyway! The lot of us – was really – VERY SHAKEN!

We-were-taken to a glorious place – one filled – with lots of light,

But it was so darn luminescent, that we all just lost our sight!

And WAS IT HOT! just burning! with lighted coals and ashes,

And Satan told us: ‘SING! YOU FIENDS! or-you-get-one-thousand-lashes!!’

They gave us harps – and pitch pipes – and we did sit upon,

Blocks of cold, hard gold – but-remember – our sight, it was so gone!

Thus, we couldn’t SIGHT READ no-thing – it was a terrible plight,

Our-Director-kept-saying: ‘Follow ME!’ He-must-a-waved his hands, all right!

Anyway! There we were! Just-a-singin’ – For-what seemed like eternity!

And, THEN, one-day(?) – we-heard-motor-engines – What-NOT-on-Earth-could-this-be?

Well, in short-order, we thought that ships – had landed there, close by,

And, SUDDENLY, ’twas J Jay’s voice! That errant bass-singer -WHY?’

He yelled, ‘Have you abducted – The Community Choir? You BIG putz?’

And, then, we heard a confrontation – with folks-falling-on-their-butts!

Yes, yes, J Jay – had brought (pause) a host-of-angels – to our aid!

Jesus-and-J-Jay must have subdued – those-demonic-hordes – and made,

The Prince of DARKNESS*** release our souls – Jesus cried out: ‘THEY’RE MINE!’

And SOON – we were returning swiftly – back to Old Alpine!

So HERE WE ARE – We made it back! And we-were-really NOT GONE THAT LONG!!

It DID – seem like Eternity – BUT in-other-Dimensions – a song,

Seems to take A THOUSAND YEARS – but we-were-gone – just-a-day-or-two!

So we all got back – in time, Good Friends – to do THE CHRISTMAS CONCERT for you!

And – THAT’S OUR TALE! Believe-it-or-not – The ‘J Guys’ had TRUE GRIT!!

And! we promise – never-to-beat-J-Jay-again – if he’s late**** – a little bit!”

fin ❤

    • They came back – with GOLD BARS! Yea! Real gold!!

** – pronounced: “Yawn!”

*** – OR LIGHT?!

**** – for rehearsals!

Editor: Dazzled

Hope someone out there understands German.

( This Author sends me his stuff in German! WTF 🤔 oh well my! Editors just have to do the best they can)

Joe Perry, the Aerosmith guitarist, died at the age of 68 at New York hospital. Please check the facts on this news report .


Letter to my Husband

Yes, I did wrong by Facebook. It was worth it 😏
Some folk believe it’s ok to send porn through Messenger. He made a very big mistake. The world saw his Timeline with his private parts for the world to see with a note yes in my name and exactly what he did, yes he was married. 😏 I was Jailed for eight days. That stupid man, well he has a life ban. Now his Aeroplane equipment is floating in Cyber Space forever with his name. My husband would outdo that jerk anyway 😁😅😃🤔

To my Dear sweet Husband

If you ever read this, ( not that he reads anything I write or do)

Sorry, Darling, that’s a secret I hid from you.

Secretly I’m on facebook, oh my😔

My husband loves me just the way I am 😁

Perhaps later I will update you all on the consequences of my secret Facebook life

My husband understands me just the way I am, MYSTERY FOOL 🌞🙌

Drunk Raccoons again 🙄😅😁

‪Police in Milton, West Virginia responded to complaints this week of two raccoons that appeared to be rabid. The investigation showed the little fella pictured here and his pal were drunk on fermented crabapples. They were taken in, sobered up and released into the woods. ‬*Photo credit to Milton PD

Texas Cowboy

“THE MAN WHO LOOKED FOR BETTER THAN GOOD ENOUGH!” a poem a.k.a.: “If Everyone IS REAL Crazy, BUT You Don’t Care For Being Alone, You Better Get Crazy Too! Because Crazy Sometimes Beats Lonesome!” November 16, 2018 – Friday!

“I’m restless!” “I don’t know what to think!” “I FEEL alone!”

Said Mojo Jones (pause) who “had a bone,

To pick,” with-all-his-neighbor-folk!


When Jones would ask – WHY his neighbors believed THAT:

“Well, ‘twas good enough for Grampa,” said Ronnie McBlatt;

“It-was good ‘nough for pappy,” Sam Wallopee said “on the spot!

“Good enough for GOVERNMENT WORK,” said Willow, smokin’ pot;

“‘Twas good enough for 7 generations of us!”

Said Twila Florencio, and that girl could cuss!

But Mojo Jones – didn’t-want “good enough;”

He wanted BETTER! MUCH better! and Mojo was tough!

Jones searched for “better,” but not in a mosque or a shrine,

And he “poo-pooed” The Catholics – and – Saint Valentine!

Plus! Native American AND New Age – weren’t his “cup o’ tea!”

“The Galactic Commander(s) – can-come argue with me!!”

Said Mojo Jones – so he went off alone,

To some deserted island – and he picked clean his bone!

CLEAN! and he had no one to be around,

And he got REAL LONESOME, and he kissed The Ground!

He-came-back-to-our-town – with a new point of view:


fin ❤


Attitude is not a right of passage

The position is Attitude is a learnt response to self-influence

Self-influence conspired with Judgement creates a Narcist

Narcism then makes your world a very lonely place to dwell in.

Thought for the Day🤔

FaCS worker Lennard Downes has admitted threatening to break the neck of a non-verbal autistic boy in his “care,” but has denied assaulting him.

FaCS worker Lennard Downes has admitted threatening to break the neck of a non-verbal autistic boy in his “care,” but has denied assaulting him.

A magistrate is considering the fate of an Illawarra FaCs carer accused of assaulting a mute autistic boy, after the child’s parents took the extraordinary step of planting a recording device in their son’s bag in a bid to explain his bruises.

This is an absolutely abhorrent act by the carer, threatening to break the neck of a little boy who has no ability to speak for himself, who cannot tell anyone what is happening to him and in a stereotypical cowardly move Downes has blamed literally everyone but himself !

In distressing audio recordings played to Wollongong Local Court last Wednesday, Lennard Michael Downes is heard calling the boy a “f—ing c—t” and threatening to hit him if he doesn’t eat.

Elsewhere in the recordings, Downes is heard telling the boy to “swallow what’s in your mouth or I’ll break your neck” and warning, “don’t f—ing cry or I’ll give you something to cry about”.

This is just appalling behaviour from someone who is supposed to be caring for children in place of the parents, giving them respite, a break from what can be extremely challenging at times. it’s no wonder parents in these situations wear themselves out physically and emotionally rather than risk their precious children with strangers.

Downes has made pathetic excuses for his behaviour including “I was tired, I don’t know what I was suggesting, I was at my wit’s end,” he said. He told the court he had had only five hours’ sleep in between shifts spent caring for the boy, and had come to work on the second day only because FaCS “had absolutely no one else to do it”.

So it’s FaCS’ fault for being understaffed, right ?
Being tired is not an excuse for abusing a child, we wouldn’t accept it as an excuse from parents so why the hell would we except it from a carer?

He said he had “a lot of other things going on in my personal life” at the time, and should not have been at work.
So why were you there? If you are unfit for work, you are unfit for work. Fullstop.

Don’t choose to go to work, especially when your job is to be responsible for another vulnerable persons life and then use it as an excuse for abusive behaviour…. no way is that ok!

So many excuses none of them give any validation to, or justification for, threatening to break the neck of this child. He plays the whole “ none of this is an excuse… but….” card as well. This isn’t him admitting what he did was wrong, this is him saying that he is going to try every excuse under the sun in the hope the magistrate will let him walk free and keep his job.

The fact is parents look after their children day in and day out, month after month, year after year and if they find themselves needing help at any point in their child’s life, they should know 100% that their child will be professionally cared for, nurtured, shown compassion and love just as they would receive at their own home with their parents. What is the point of respite if the parents are constantly worried that their child is being bullied, threatened, physically, emotionally or even in some cases sexually abused.

I have experience helping to care for a non-verbal 6 year old girl, she is also on the autistic spectrum and is considered to be low functioning, and she is one of the most precious things in my life.

It is a privilege being trusted to care for her and the thought of someone hurting her makes me violent.

She is so innocent and so totally vulnerable to jerks like
this scumbag. I am glad I will never meet Mr Downes face to face…..

I know children, especially low functioning non-verbal children on the autism spectrum, can be frustrating at times. Ms 6 yr old makes a noise like a siren, we call it her “all’s well siren” she does it all day, when she is happy. Yes it is loud, ear piercing, and I don’t know how her parents cope so well, but they do, because they have to… they know too much of what happens to trust their precious girl with anyone but us.

We are not denying it’s exhausting but if you are getting angry, remove yourself, do not inflict your anger and violence on such an innocent beautiful gift from the gods. Anyone who can even think about threatening to break the neck of any child let alone a non verbal autistic child makes me physically ill. What a pathetic coward ! You aren’t sorry you putz ! You are just sad you got caught ! You only did this because the child is non-verbal and you thought there was no way you could be caught out !

I haven’t even gone into the allegations of you assaulting the child and I won’t comment on those because the fact is the magistrate has not handed down her judgement on that topic yet, so I will refrain until she does.

To me it’s bad enough that he verbally threatened the boy, imagine being this boy at a care facility on respite, away from his loving family in the hands of this brutish stranger and he is screaming at him, you can’t speak to defend yourself or tell someone what he is doing to you but everytime you go there, this pathetic coward berates you, he screams at you, he threatens to kill you and the whole time you can’t do a damn thing, you can’t tell anyone you can’t let anyone know but you know everytime you go there, this vile thing is there and he will make you scared.

That’s what you did Lennard Downes, you scared an innocent child over and over again until eventually his awesome parents planted a recording device… and suddenly you’re remorseful ? RUBBISH ! You are only sad you got caught and the whole world now knows what a pathetic coward you really are, berating and threatening to kill an innocent child, big man you must be !

To add absolute insult to injury (although I guess we shouldn’t be at all surprised this happened) but his fellow FaCS worker stood up for Mr Downes, they even testified on his behalf.
A co-worker who cared for the boy in the hours between Downes’ shifts described the child “jumping, screaming, running into the kitchen into the cutlery drawer”. She told police that the boy was still awake at 2.30am – “screaming, tapping, trying to get out” and was at times “lying in bed, hitting himself in his face with his hand” and that by shift’s end she was “ a little bit at her wit’s end”.

So being at your wits end did you threaten to kill the child ? Did you scream in his face ? Did you tell him to “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” … god damn I’d like to give Mr Downes something to cry about….. Seriously to his female co-worker who backed him up are you saying that you understand what he did ? IF YOU ARE, THEN YOU TOO DESERVE TO LOSE YOUR JOB AND NEVER AGAIN BE ALLOWED NEAR CHILDREN ESPECIALLY SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN. How dare you stick up for this abhorrent coward and try and justify what this child has endured at his hands. HAND IN YOUR RESIGNATION NOW YOU ARE NOT FIT TO BE A FaCS WORKER !

Downes later told police the boy “had some kind of bruising on him” every time he saw him. Isn’t that convenient because the boy can’t say otherwise so he can’t possibly disagree … so why not blame his family or blame his autism when the fact is he is more than likely left in a state of PTSD by the cowardly moron berating him and threatening to break his neck ! Or worse being told to “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about !” Seriously that one has left me absolutely burning how dare you !

He admitted he lied to police when he initially denied verbally abusing the boy, due to “fear about what [the truth] might say about me as a person”

There it is folks, exactly what he cares about. Doesn’t care about the severe impact he has undoubtedly had on the innocent young boy, doesn’t care about the fact that young boy will never be the same because of the verbal berating and death threats he has received at the hands of a so called man who is supposed to be his carer !

No he doesn’t care about any of that, he cares about how his pathetic cowardly actions will make him look to others.


I hope you never again work with children, I hope when magistrate Susan McGowan hands down her decision on the 31st of January it is a decision to send you behind bars for a very long time.

Autistic children are gifts from the gods, anyone who can possibly hurt them or any child for that matter when they are meant to be carers should be locked up for a very long time.

This is why we need cameras in all facilities where children are cared for, especially those who cannot communicate. Our children deserve so much better.

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Famous Poet

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door
“‘Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more”

“The Raven”
Edgar Allan Poe


When someone helps you

And they’re struggling too,

That’s not help

That’s love