Mystic Poet

“SENTENCED TO DIE – FOR THROWIN’ A CREAM PIE!” a poem Tues. 11/13/18


He was sentenced-to-death – scourged -and-no-more-pension! Only-severance!

And WHAT DID HE SAY (Just like Tom Cruz*),

“I GOT THIS, y’all – start pouring the booze,

‘Cause, when it’s all over, we’re gonna party!”

And-sure-‘nough-in-3-days-and-nights – he was hale and hardy!

IRREVERENCE! although-NOT-a-3-letter-word,

Is STILL, at this time, considered absurd,

For-just-like-then-NOW, folks-think-they-know-“WHERE’-IT’S-AT,”

But, Honey, some-things-never-change! Now, WHAT’CHA KNOW ‘BOUT THAT?

fin ❤

* – in the film “Knight & Day”


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