Texas Cowboy

“OUR NUT HOUSE!” a poem November 10, 2018 – Saturday!

God bless this Nut House, and the-Chief-Nut’s me;

God bless this Nut House – and our dis har – mony!

God bless this Nut House – It’s filled with fun and hugs;

God bless this Nut House: What a bunch (pause) o’-THUGS!

No place I’d rather be; no place I would prefer,

Hanging at The Nut House, me and Raymond Burr,*

Trump AND Bill – and Pelosi** too! It’s a bloody menage-a-trois:

Whooping-it-up at The-White-House – (pause) – Ha! – Ha! – Ha!

Will Smith and Kermit*** – are s – – – – in’ in the loft;

I never knew that they were gay! My gosh, my Lover’s soft!

Her legs are wide, and I’m inside, and

Poof! I disappear,

And, suddenly, I’m at The Blues,**** sipping on a beer,

And singing karaoke! And-shuffle-board-at-Ole;*****

I’m independently wealthy (?) – so I guess they’ll make me pay,

For the other nuts – and berries, for Yogi Bear****** must feed!

Boo Boo Bear****** is happy, and Fozzie’s******in the lead,

And Darren Hayes and Darrell Hannah – are DARing-to-be-on-the-couch!

Wait a “sec;” I’m SURE he’s******* gay! I’m STRUCK, and I go: “Ouch!”

My lover gal’s behind me: “Stop oogling at Darrell’s chest;

I need you NOW! A special mantra – will bring out all the best!”

And Vance and Brian are chairing – The A. A. Group – to Hell,

For Jesus Christ is waiting there, and Satan will NOT tell,

That his nickname’s “Giggles;” his cabin’s on The Hill,

And Eve-&-Ellen have coffee brewing! “Behave, you guys!” until,

The WHOLE PLACE’s misbehaving – and my folks are getting wild!

My little sister – and her beau – are-singing: “Mercy mild!”

Bless this Nut House, with Facebook too: that computer-generated ruse,

‘Cause, when-you-be-stuck-in-The-Nut-House, Honey – Destiny can not lose,

And Hailey’s Comet – is coming – in just about a minute!

Plus, Nancy-&-Judith-&-and-Fawn are here, and Corey’s REALLY in-it,

And when-Jasmine-&-Reggie-meet-Ruben-&-Javi[er] sparks are gonna fly!

Crystal’s a gale – and-I-have-no-pail – to-gather-nuts-but I’l try! 🙂 – Whew!

fin ❤

    • actor, famous for playing tough guys, like TV defense lawyer Perry Mason!

** – Nancy Pelosi, net worth: $25 – $30 million!

*** – actor, famous for playing a tough frog, travelling as a minstrel, in search of love with a pig!

**** – The Railroad Blues, a nightclub in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

***** – Ole Crystal Bar, a nightclub also in Alpine!

****** – famous cartoon/animated/puppet bears!

******* – previously the lead singer for the rock group “Savage Garden!”