Texas Cowboy

“PHONE 24/7!” a poem a.k.a.: “All The Time Is Not A Crime; Because – On The Line Is Oh, So Fine!” a.k.a.: “I Think We Should Carefully Analyze This Situation Most Thoroughly!” November 11, 2018 – Sunny Daze!

Now-was-The-Phone “made fo’ man,” or-was man-made-fo’-da-pho’?

Well, according-to-the-girls-I-know! The-pho’s-The-Winner, so:

They-believe – that every stir-&-click – and – ring-n-bell – ‘n-whistle,

Requires-that – their special guy – get-to-the-phone – like-a-friggin’-missIle!

“DAY OR NIGHT is really-all-right – especially when “I” ring,“

Says The Girl; “for, when-I-need-you-NOW – your-body you MUST bring!”

“Bring IT to that FINE RECEIVER – y-know, I’ll get-you more than one;

Perhaps one – for each room; it’ll be A LOT O’ FUN!”

Because, of course, a man’s-ne’er a-man – UNLESS – he is on call,

24/7 – or maybe more – Ya-gotta-be-ON-THE-BALL!

“Show me that you love me! TALK THERAPY’s what you (really) need,

And you deserve – my soothing voice – all the time, indeed!”

Her voice is like the gracious rain, on-a glorious summer night!

Yes, Chinese “water torture’s”-brought-to-mind – brought-to-mind, all right!

I think that-is-why some married men, who LOVE(d) her “loving words,”

Might-require-a-hearing-aid – when-the-“sweet milk” turns to curds,

For, when a soothing-cooling, sexy voice – becomes ANAL – y -sis,

The hearing-aids-can-be-turned-quite-low – and THAT can be his bliss!!

fin ❤