Mystic Cowboy

“IN THE SWEET BY AND BY!” a poem in the series: “Narcissism and Other Apparently Extraordinary Conditions!” Sunday: November 11, 2018

I used to be a GOOD boy; I shared in-everyone’s opinion;

I loved to-be called – and labeled often! Something like-a-”minion!”

I’d go along and sing a song, whichever one-THEY-did-like

Something-that’s-GOOD, and PURE-&-TRIED,

BUT, since-I’m-so-bad, how-can I decide,

What’s good or bad or green or red,

I’m so confused, in my “little head!”

IF I could-just-avoid all-the-DSMs,

I would be GOOD! Could-I-use-some-“chems” –

To smooth me out and get me right?

Clear! Straight! Neither loose-or-tight?

“You-gotta-be-well-balanced, in The Public Eye!”

Then! [I’ll] be GOOD-AGAIN! In-the-Sweet – By-and-By! 🙂

fin ❤