Mystic Poet

“MY LOVER – SO SEXY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Kinky Is As Kinky Does!” a.k.a.: “Gender Benders and/or Cover Lovers!” November 11, 2018 (Sunday)

Sexual! A-sexual! Homo-sexual! Bi!

3rd Sex – and-4th Sex! Ambivalently-sexed! Oh, my!

Cross-dressing – grudge pointed – NON-sexual too!

Contravalent! Covalent! Dressed-up – for you:

Sexual labels? Gone to extremes?

Now, no-one’s quite-sure – what SEX really means!

Except – what – in-the-moment – you-do-with-your-“partner,”

Or-in bonding orgies: pee, poo -or- far’-upon-her!

Lip service, cum-suckers – pre-cum-ing galore;

“I’ll NEVER-do-no-more-sex!” Then, “Gimme some more!”

“I – WANT – IT – ALL; ev’ry-manner-there is!”

Voyeurs, loving-3-somes; all-is – sexual-show-biz!

And – anal and oral, with showers – and cuts,

And – choking and burning and eating-in with-stinky-butts!

There-are rim-jobs and groomings, paint-on-you and, of-course, meals,

Eating upon you! Group-sex! Drug-ged, she reels,

And the-sex-traffickers-are-secure, as they ply at(in) their trade,

And The-Ladies-of-The-Night – are-still-pimped-in (the) parade!

Wondrous phone(y)-sex and sex toys, vi-brating, latex;

Plus, the S-&-M Folks dig their “shading” of sex,

And, as I lay down, with-my-mate (we’re in bed),

There our visions of sex-plums which dance in my “head!”

And -(S)he says: “Do you love me? Am-I-sexy-to-you?”

And I hold and enfold her (him) – We kiss, and we screw,

For, despite all (the) techniques, all the labels and ploys,

It’s-still-about-WHO-YOU-DO-IT-WITH and-how-you-love-HER (‘em), girls-and-boys!

fin ❤