Texas Cowboy

“HOW TO PLAY!”* a poem a.k.a.: “The Play’s The Thing!” 8 Nov 2018 (THOR)

Don’t play to win; don’t play to lose!

PLAY IN BETWEEN – but – play as you choose!

Play! in-an enthus-ia-ass-tical way;

Play for enjoyment (even-when-“in-the-fray!”)


Play in The Sunshine – or-“under lights!”


PLAY! For-excitement! Sweat-it-up, Hon!

But, especially, My-Friend – PLAY FOR THE FUN,

And loving (pause) ness – of-every – lob, smash and shot;

Play you some _______* – with-the- ________ ** you brought!

Play with some new balls – or the old ones you have,

Strap on those balls! Slap on some salve,

For-aches-‘n’-pains – and PLAY – FOR A WHILE,

But don’t play TOO LONG – maybe-play-for-a-mile!

Remember, my chum, you big, stinky bum,

Don’t play with no anger – and you-CAN – suck-on your (my) thumb!

Play with a smile! SHOUT, LAUGH & CHEER,

And, if you’ve played really well, let’s shed us a tear! 🙂 – Rah, rah, rah!

fin ❤

    • TENNIS! and other things!!

** – Fill it in! perhaps, RACQUET or – lover!


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