Mystic Poet

“DSM – 5* – 6 – 7 … ” a poem in the series: “Narcissism and Other APPARENTLY Extraordinary Conditions!” a.k.a.: “A BOOK On What’s CRAZY, Revised Frequently – Because CRAZY IS AS CRAZY DOES!” a.k.a.: “The Official Book Of SHOULD NOTs, Written By Folks Who Shouldn’t Have!” a.k.a.: “THE Book, Especially Written By Those Who Could NEVER Make It Teaching School Because THE KIDS WERE TOO ROWDY!” a.k.a.: “Agree With US – Or Else We Will Write A Book About YOU & It Will NOT Be Called The Bible, At Least Not For Several Years!”

Diagnosis? JUDGMENT! What’s The “Diff?” [Friday: November 9, 2018]

Open-up-The-Manual, and Take a whiff!

Become-a-member – of The “Psycho” Association;

You’ll be in “good company,” in this “Appropriate” Nation,

The Nation of JUDGMENT – and PRO-PRI-ETY!

Worship-at-The-Medical-Altar! on-your-bended-knee!

Consult The Experts! Take you “meds,”

“Vitamins,” we’ll call them: to heal your heads!

There’s an age-old saying, about A DEGREE,

Gotten in PSYCHOLOGY – Is-it too-cra-zy,

To imagine – that those-who-LEARN-to-JUDGE,

Will call it: “DIAGNOSING!” and-will-never-hold-a-grudge,


Jesus Christ! Well! My, oh my!

Why’d-HE-really-get-killed? A: ‘Cause He was a “PSYCHO,”

Waiting and willing – to destroy this micro-


About-ACCEPTABLE TRUTH – and associations,

Of learned, cultured, seasoned boys,

And girls-of-manners – who play with-sex-toys,

Behind closed doors – and think that’s fine,

And, when they emerge, demand-their-Valentine,

For being so loving – and so well-versed:

NARCISSISTIC-ADMIRATION – needs-to-be well-rehearsed!

So! Tickle my ears – and fill my head,

With DSM! (pause) As society has said:

“Think with propriety!”

“Do the RIGHT thing!”

Little do they realize – “SATAN”**-THIS-DOTH-BRING! 🙂 – Whoops!

* – BUY IT! From The American Psychiatric Association (for an undisclosed amount!!) – so you’ll KNOW just how crazy EVERYONE is! Except – US!! 🙂

** – Not some PERSON, but a Spirit – of Pride and Condescension!