“MY PERSPECTIVE ON BEAUTY!” a poem Wednesday: 11/7/2018

She’s-been-in-my-dreams a-thousand-times;

OF COURSE! She’s-included – in all of my rhymes:

When I see her clearly – she’s short – and FULL,

Filled with juices – I love to pull!

She’s MY IDEAL – and-I-go-crazy!

Perhaps her name is: Marge – or Mazie,

But, when our eyes meet, or our lips do touch,

I swoon away! She might be Dutch,

For her hair is blonde, BUT – her skin’s not fair!

I think I’m lookin’ – for a sexy bear!

There are different forms of beauty – it’s-true!

Some like tall! But – Here’s my view:

The Jews say: “Shorter’s-closer – to-The-Earth’s-perfection!”

I-think this influences – my selection!

The Earth’s perfection – is-at the CORE, you see;

I’ve found PERFECTION – at least for me!

I’ll bend-down-and-listen – to her sweet voice;

She’s filled with petrol – FULL – and CHOICE,

And-my dreamy maiden’s accent’s exotic;

Her moves and tones!

They are hypnotic! 🙂 – Swoon, swoonie-woo

fin ❤