“JESUS SHOWS!” a poem November 7, 2018 – Wednesday!

That-singer-in-our-choir – was late, almost every time!

USUALLY! Only-by-a-few-minutes! So, perhaps, it was no crime.

“Are-you-gonna-make-it (pause) on-time-for-The-Show?”

Asked our conductor. “Well, I dunno!”

“The Singer” said; “BUT I’ll try – my ve-ry best,”

And other choir members – Well! They cleared their melodious-chest(s)!

So! Concert Night arrived, and, by golly, it-was-then (that)

JESUS ARRIVED! He arrived to – gather men,

And women – The (celestial) choir, of course, was FIRST,

ONTO THE SHUTTLE – They-were highly “trained,” “well versed,”

Since they had been singing Hymns and religious selections,

For MANY a-concert – with-perfect rhythm & inflections!

Thus, they were “primed,” awaiting-fo’ “The Ascension,”

But HE (The Singer, who HAD arrived “on time” for The Concert) was reluctant! “I’ll stay IN THIS DIMENSION,”

AND SING! Even-without the other choir members’ support!”

Well, The Blessed Jesus – (pause) SIMPLY gave-a-snort,

Taking The Masses Heaven-ward,

And The Bass Singer SANG ALONE! (pause) and was NOT perturbed!

As HE sang (you guessed it!) The REAL JESUS did show:

“Where’s everybody?” “Well, I don’t-know!

Din-they-go-WITH YOU!” “Not me! Must-a-been-The-Other-Guy!”

And The Real JESUS – SIMPLY heaved a sigh! –

“The other guy (usually) gets ‘em, but I’ll not fret!”

So (on Concert Night) JESUS and J-Jay – sang a duet!

fin ❤

“Sometimes it’s better to be late, fashionably late, by a few minutes! It gives the room some time to breathe!” The Mystic Poet.

“What-does-Jesus-looks-like, so we won’t miss-’im, when He comes!”

“He’s kinda pretty, blonde hair – tits-and-a-(fine)-pair-o’-bums!”

“Well, that sounds like pretty Marilyn, who-used-t’-live-down-The-Street!”

“Well, they ARE second cousins – genetics-ya-just-can’t-beat!”

The Golden Mean they call it: for really perfect ratios!

What-in-The-World does-it-all-mean – when-then considering,

F- – – – – – – s?