In knowing my truth ,be bold for you may be the only one that may speak to a person who knows little or nothing, it may well be the only time he may have a chance to come home to heavenly dwellings. Speak not or write not in a way that provokes others, but allows there spirit to feel the truth in your words which i will guide you to say. for you know the truth in your heart many of you already.
The times move on into the wholeness of movement which unfolds the direction you will need to decide. ‘Your God is a God of freedom’, no other God exists other than that which controls and takes the true values of life from you. Even these ones, there days are numbered as are there followers.
Where you are in my love I will embrace and as a family of loving spirit you will lead the universes into a beautiful creative living love that your hearts act out as my children, this will create new life and beauty for eternity.. Be strong at this time and give of your loving words to all, for you are representing me as my children.

O beautiful Father with the words of our beloved Jesus we thank you and praise your name. Amen Luke Le Bree.


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