Hear me most beautiful people whom share my love and give hope to all who can open there heart to the light. For to do that the light will in a moment in time lift you home and will not harm you for love is light and oneness with myself. Trust your heart only from the love of yourself and those that live it in aiding my message.
For those who close there heart to love, darkness will descend on them , for I wont be seen and all those who are violent will burn and will be no more.
Know that each of you my children are as important to me as the other and you bring a joy to me when you are smiling or seek to be close to me. For as you do your helping your sisters and brothers.feel wanted and in oneness love binds us in holy joy and many angels rejoice also when they observe how far you have come. I in this moment lay my hand upon you to strengthen your faith. if you feel my warmth or shed your tears , be free to do this is as our connection in a personal way. I through my father and shared through the Holy Spirit is a time of great comfort. If you are of love and are forgiven in times of misunderstanding you are bonded to me for all else will be and is forgiven because I Am love.

Thank you Jesus and we truly appreciate your love being shared with us. WithIn the Father and your name so be it . Amen.
Luke Le Bree