7Fantastic M!

“ANOTHER WONDERFUL RACE!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Love is Always Waiting!” Monday: Nov. 5, 2018

Marbles! WE! in space and time,

Trying-to-complete our-furious-rhyme!

Racing! – BUT – against no one,

Only I – can race and run,

Against myself – I’ll ALWAYS win!

I’ll ALWAYS LOSE – I’ll always sin,

When-I-THINK – there – are – other “marb”s

(That) Must be “beat!” I need more carbs!

To-keep me going! To-keep me strong!

Marble Races! All day long!

Why-don’t-I-rest? Aren’t-I-in-the-lead?!

So, I’ll “pull-over,” I will CONCEDE!

Yet, as-the-potential-VICTOR, I note (that) no one,

Is-Coming – down! And-The-Setting-Sun,

Still sees NO ONE – at my tail!

Why-am-I-racing? The Holy Grail,

Might-be: (pause) To-know,

I’ve no-place-to-go!

And no race to run!

So! I’ll-(just) bask-(here) In-The Sun!

Then! What’s that? I hear your voice!

I turn around! I have no choice!

You say: “I’ve-been-calling! But you’ve-been-racing!”

So-now-that-I’ve-stopped – stopped all my pacing!

I-do notice LOVE – has-been-always-knocking!

So! I’ll-stop-racing!! And! Get to-”futterwalking!” 🙂 -Yay!

fin. ❤