Mystic POET

“THE FEELING GAME!”* a poem. * – “Never Letting It Get Outta Hand!” November 6, 2018 (Two-z-Day!) Series: “I’ll Love You Forever And You Don’t Have To Love Me Back!”

Feelings! So important – for they can so impact our life!

Even little feelings! They can have such MAJOR strife!

So! Protect your precious feelings – and the feelings of each friend,

That you love and cherish – for, in the very end,

(IF there really is AN END! to any of this mess)

Feelings will be paramount – for-they-can-create awful-stress!

So, perhaps! It-behooves each-of-us, to take a measured view,

To have great faith and sympathy – to avoid a life too “blue,”

For there are MANY HAPPENINGS – that can cause us fear, concern,

Without a stiff resolve, my Dear – fee-lings-can burn and burn,

Just like a blazing wildfire, that, at first, was just a flame!

Please don’t allow your feelings – to-go-berzerk! Then, it’s a game!

Try THIS game! It’s “MONITORING FEELINGS:” and having an outlet,

Like exercise – or helping friends – GOOD MOVEMENT’S A GOOD BET,

To move your body and/or your mind,

I think this always is quite kind!

Respect your feelings, SURE,

But – do not let them blur,

You to-the-fact – that they can take,

Us-on-a-journey FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE!

To places that-maybe we need not go,

Sometimes, YES! Let-your-feelings-show;

Sometimes! Tell-feelings: “Your game’s NOT NICE,

And I’m in charge – You Guys! ON ICE!! 🙂 – Whoa! Whoopee!

fin ❤

“FEELINGS CAN BE TRICKY!!” a postscript-ual poem.

Feelings can-really man-ipulate,

YOU!-so-sometimes! Just sleep late,

And have a certain attitude:

“Devil-May-Care” might-help-purty-goo-ood,*

And TRY – to-respect – the feelings of,

OTHER FOLKS! I think – it’s LOVE,

To be concerned AND do your best,

“Your Brother’s Keeper” – is-not-a-bad-test,

BUT! Some folks – use their feelings like Hell,

To-manipulate EVERYONE! This, I tell,

As a warning! WATCH SUCH FOLK,

Or else! On YOU – will be “the joke!!”

fin? ❤

    • pronounced: GOO – d (gude)!


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