“WEST TEXAS GALLERY!” a poem. November 4, 2018! Sunday! Based on an excellent suggestion, there may be an emerging Art Gallery! Here in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A. A little, hole-in-the-wall place, devoted to Beauty, Eccentricity and Naughtiness, with touches of The Sublime! This poem suggests what it might be called and what you might expect! Expect IT, out of time and space! Enjoy!

A splendid ART GALLERY we’ve just GOT to see!

“ECCENTRIC LADIES!” Art-Nouveau – and – Tee-hee!

Provocative! Seductive! A story with each,

Succulent Offering! and – MANY a “peach!”

LADIES! Attractive – some-unclad – unashamed!

Some with sunglasses – Some possibly maimed!

Some, they have names – that you WILL recognize!

Some are obscure – but you’ll still sympathize!

And those that-are-obscure – are still very-much-in-fashion!

All of them DRIPPING – and OOZING – with passion!

Here in West Texas! $5.00 to tour –

Prints are ON SALE! Originals – are obscure!

With tea! scones! and-(sometimes)-crumpets! But there’s limited space;

Yet, I am NOT suggesting – that you simply MUST race,

But DO please – come early – before-(the)-crowds-do-arrive!


fin ❤

AND – Oh, yes! There’s-a-garden! And EVE will be there!

And she has-got PLENTY of-apples – to share! 🙂 – Oh, My!


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