“THE TREASURE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Mim’s!” November 4, 2018 – SUN day

Your words – are-sweeter than honey; {Sweet peas encircle your-head.}

I-wouldn’t-be-here IF I-couldn’t?! {I-love to-be-in-your-bed!}

I’m givin’-it-all-up for The Treasure – The 1st Prize, Yes, you bet!

Givin’-up inhibitions! Guilt & pride & fret;

Givin’-up Hate & nervousness – Because – so safe I feel,

Having found The Treasure – You’ll see me pray & kneel!

My Angel-wings, they’re tangled (pause) In-my-hair, with-bats-up-There, I think!

You-are-my Rolls Royce, Honey – The finest sable or mink!

The Old Volkswagen is-history! I’ve found the very best.

I’m holding – to The Treasure – I am so very blessed.

[Yea, I know. They say that treasures tarnish – The Precious loses – its appeal,

But I have it on good authority – True Love’s a forever deal.]

So, despite that there – may be – hardships – Waiting for you & me,

I don’t much f – – – ing care – (pause) I’m-in such ecstasy!

fin ❤


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