Freedom, I call to you, pass through the games of pain ,lust, working to you drop. I ask you to stay close to me so that your life has waves of plenty yet freedom to be your true self in having faith in myself. The energy you live among now is that of confusion for you look for ways to survive, sell your soul to others for gain of some sort, you exploit those who at your mercy, man , women and children suffer. You look for larger ways to destroy yourself . I see the tears of the innocent children , as they stand over there dead friends and look to there parents for answers. The rulers of this vibration are attracting more to follow them to the hurt and pain to what they feel is there glory and convince you that its yours as well. When what you do is destroy my heart. Time is short for you to own true reality and draw close. My Father and myself can and will not wait much longer to uplift the righteous to the spirits of the doves, the laughter of the children, the healing peace of the trees and life that lives and feeds on it joy of life. My rain upon the earth is but my tears of joy and sadness to give hope you will have faith in myself be fore my father says amen bring the innocent home and prepare for a new creation and the old will self destroy in its fires of anger. I embrace all sincere hearts

My heart call out also my beautiful God, and my tears wash my cheeks . I call out with you let your wisdom prevail but relieve our pained hearts from the hurting of the innocent. Amen.
Luke Le Bree.


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