“DEFYING DESCRIPTIONS!” a poem All Saints Day Thursday Nov. 1, 2018

I won’t take a label! For I’m ONLY ME,🤐

And-I’M-NOTHING-to-boot – just-you-wait, Dear – and see!

I wanna surprise you – I’m NOT who/what you think!😁

I’m much more than that* – so SOMETIMES I STINK!! 😮

And sometimes – my perfume! It-wafts-up to-The-Throne,🙄

Then Angels will cry: “THAT ONE?! What’s (s)he sown?😮

Who is (s)he NOW? What has (s)he done?

WE-CAN’T-LABEL-HIM(her) – This is so much darn FUN!😁

We’re here and are sitting – on the edge of our seats!!😶

WHAT ENTERTAINMENT! What next? of his(her) feats!”🤗 (mum knows that you naughty boy) 😉

“I AM – What I shall be – the DIVINE ________**,

Who’s ALSO – some _________*** ” – Let’s hear an AMEN!!

I’M WHAT I SHALL BE! Not what you (might) expect,


But I’ll keep you “in stitches;” I AM – The Elect! 🙂 – Ho, ho, ho!

fin ❤

* – AND much less than that!! ❤

** – Feminine! or Masculine! or Homonym!

*** – depending upon your last “insertion,” try: FELLOW, SHEILA, BOBBLE-HEAD, et al



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