“MOUNT FUJI.” a poem October 31, 2018 – Wednesday

There’s NO ONE in charge!

“Now, how can that be? Because I PERCEIVE – such fine harmony!

IF no one’s in charge, then ca-cophony,

Would have to result! That’s the LOGIC I see!”

But! That ASSUMES “logic” – rules this place,

An assumption – of-The-Thinkers, The-HU-Human-Race,

Of all of the folks – who CALCULATE things –

Just see all the torture – this REASONING brings!

Assume-no-one’s in charge – not even Trump,

Who in-the-big-scheme-o’-things – is only a bump,

Not really-worthy (pause) of-being-listened-to –

Just like this poet – J Jay J (Jay) BOO,

Who’s only a writer – and a -ghost-writer-to-boot;

Now isn’t that really – yes, really – A HOOT?

For, we are just SPOOKS!

“Now, how can THAT be?

Your ‘assumes’ and proposals – are getting to me!

My poor head is spinning! LEMME FIGURE THINGS OUT!

So, I am just spirit? and no one’s about,

Controlling the functions of LIFE in no realm?

I imagine YOU-WRITER – think life is a film!”

Perhaps, yes-a-(Divine)-Projector – on-PERPETUAL-MODE,

With a never-ending cyclical, cellular code!

And, IF as we’re watching the hypnotic screen,

We turn and observe – the-Projection-Booth-scene,

We’ll notice that no one is really up there,

“Man-ing”-the-projector, with expertise-and-care!

“Well, golly,” said one-other – audience member;

“I’ve forgotten! Is it April – or-in-the-Bleak, bleak December?”

And – here, (the) POET(S) reply, in a casual way:


fin ❤


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