Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

Come seek my love and surrender to it.
Seek not political or opinions of others , but my love for you is the reality I offer for all who open themselves to it.

I ask of you help others to see this truth so they will be with me in a place of glory and joy within there hearts. To have this requires only one choice and that be the love of the Father , lived by myself and guided now to all by the Holy Spirit. Have the faith to believe in the wonderment of love, for all other ways remain the same and loss of the true life will be lost to you because of your choice. I know so many do not live a perfect life daily yet you have surrendered to me. I will remain your Lord for I see how you seek to be loved above all despite the choices made at a troubled time. Know you all serve a great purpose in being a loving soul to others, let that be a part of your day and night as a beloved child of mine. The Mother earth prepares and calls to me to save her subjects who live within her places of beauty and I answer all life is sacred to me, as all has a purpose to perform. Do not judge nature as good and bad , for it keeps a balance so not one or the other takes control. It is sacred to the Father for it is perfect in its purpose. only when mankind destroys all of one thing or another will bring a greater danger of imbalance. Many of the problems of health come from destroying what kept bad health away.

My beautiful Lord of the light of our hearts , forgive us our trespassers and deliver us from evil, for thou are the Kingdom the Power and the Glory. Amen. Luke Le Bree.


2 thoughts on “Jesus Message.”

  1. I wish to give my heart felt gratitude for my communications from Jesus being so clearly placed on these pages. Im sure you will be watched over for your recognition of these my messages. Blessings .
    Luke Le Bree.


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