Adelaide schoolgirl stab accused ‘had target list’ –

Question by Reader

Mim Cerviney Marshall I know just shocking that children are doing this even thinking this way. Something terrible wrong with our younger generations 🤗


Pam Morrow I can’t fathom events that will lead these horrifying thoughts. Is it drug related? PROBABLY, is it the way these kids were educated? Look at the past. History shows maybe that families internally become dysfunctional. Divorce rate is out of control, families break down. Children are hurt beyound endurance of family upheaval. Extended families work for the best interest of the child. The blame rests with us. Child born to you and me is our responsibility until the day we die. Children are not disposable toys. They grow to have children of their own. Still you the Grandma who gave birth to this lineage is our responsibility. That’s life folk. If you don’t understand what giving birth will do to your life, keep you legs together lol. 😁

Letter to my Husband ❤

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him.

SOMETIMES I look over him when he is sleeping,

How did I get this lucky

That sly look after he is done!

Smirk on his face

I wonder what he’s thinking

Is it yesterday or tomorrow’s secret’s he’s to shy to talk about

My HUSBAND has many dark secret’s he’s to shy to talk about

If he only knew

I already do 🤗

You see the way he is when he’s restless he breathes shallow

Trying not to talk cause he can’t deal with me

I love my Husband just the way he is when he’s is keeping secret’s

Simply cause I don’t have deal with that junk he has in his head 😁

Am I lazy or just to lay back 😁

Absolutely, yeah 😁

Yesterday is Junk, tomorrow never comes anyway😁

Smiling to myself I slide into bed hide under the pillows and he grabs me, Yeah 😁

Oh my goodness gracious, wow amazingly Knocked out again 😁

My HUSBAND loves me just the way I am 🤐

Think about this 😁

To those people I have not met who would like to add me as a friend…

I hope you want me to connect as Facebook friends because you know me or my work, or because you have found my Timeline posts to your taste.

Am I being too harsh if I do not add you to my circle of friends if, when I visit your page, you have no posts to show me? What can I expect to receive from you on my feed if I accept your offer of friendship? If I cannot see your posts without first accepting your request, feel free to message me and explain what we have in common, and then I’ll add you to my network.

I already read the news and keep up with current affairs. I am already aware of many injustices in the world and I will take a stand when I can. While an occasional reminder is appropriate, I do not wish to spend much of my precious time reading large numbers of posts with negative opinions and outpourings. I would like to be mainly inspired by your posts, enlivened by your choice of music and entertained by your photos and sense of fun. When we know each other, I will empathise with any personal misfortune, but…

Negativity is debilitating and the amount on Facebook is causing my artistic output to suffer.

I look forward to connecting and being your friend if we know each other personally and well, if we can enjoy helping each other, if we share interests and outlooks and our lives can become supportive.🤗


“IT’S GONNA GET CHA!” a poem November 1, 2018 – Thursday

Something’s gonna get cha: the food supply OR sprays,

We use to help the food to grow! There are so many ways,

That something – it will get cha – and take your body “out!”

A millions ways to “bite the dust,” and-your-demise-It’s-all-about,

A “faulty” immune system – or – a fine health shot reaction!

Something’s gonna get cha! A collision? (You’re-in-traction!)

And, while you’re at the hospital, lying in that bed,

A mold or strange bacteria – might get into your head,

And cause incephalitis! or-what-of-a-putrid-water-supply,

Or even chlorine in your water,

Or mom’s-homemade apply pie!!

Something gonna get cha, so IF you get to choose,

What-do-you-want-to-get-cha? How-’bout tainted booze?

Or VD from your Sweetie – or tetanus-from-a-nail,

Or rabies from a mad dog,

Or a collapsed roof from a gale!?

Well, IF-I-have-any-say-in-this, I’LL TURN MY EYES ABOVE,

‘Cause – What I want-t’-get-me – Is lots o’ your sweet love! 🙂

fin <3