Why you need Good Manners

Why you need Good Manners
Good Manners make Everyday Pleasantโ€“ When you are well mannered with everyone in every situation, it helps you to reduce unnecessary friction with others.
It also helps to cast Impressionsโ€“ A well mannered person creates a good impression for himself on others. when people are impressed with your behaviour you are ought to get more respect from others.
Good Manners Attract peopleโ€“ A well mannered person is attractive. You can attract the kind of friends and relationships you want if you are well behaved and polite. It makes people Comfortable. It make others Feel Good with youโ€“ You can create a more peaceful world where there is more care, respect, admiration and compassion for others.

Good Manners build Self Esteemโ€“ Kids and adults who are well mannered give respect to others which helps them build self esteem for themselves. People with self esteem are more likely to get what they want. It can save your life-People who always use good manners are less likely to get into life threatening situations as they do not disrespect wrong people. It makes you Feel Good and Uniqueโ€“ Now a days good manners are rare. People who let their good manners show around are noticed and admired by everyone and get an elevated status. Use of Good Manners does not cost anything.