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“SAD! HAPPY!” a poem!! [ 🙂 – Yea! What else is new? ] a.k.a.: “Strange, Yet Complementary Bedfellows!” TUESDAY: October 16, 2018

Sad-AND-Happy are ONE because –

Without-some-Sad (pause) Ha-ppy-can’t-“buzz!”

For, without the Sad-which-is-Happy’s BEST FRIEND,

Happy would get Sad too! and both would end!

Without-Anti-Christ – Christ-would-go POOF!

Without The Hard, (pause) Soft’s so aloof!

Sad & Happy – sleep together!

And they can-handle – any weather!

IF-the weather’s-“blue,” overcast and dreary,

Sad gets so HAPPY, whereas Happy is weary!

They-like-to-switch-off – to keep-things gay and true!

“I-love-you!” says Happy; “Yah, but I’m-so BLUE!”

“Well, I’m kinda orange! So what shall we do?”

“Let’s complement-one another: You laugh! I’ll- do-BOO-HOO!”

And our-two-friends, through life – well, they strode hand-in-hand!

And-brought-joy-and-some-suffering – throughout The Land!

And one did exalt – and one doth weep long!

And one is out-going – and one has no(?) song!?

EXCEPT!!! – songs of sadness – which do-have their good place –

For-they-give rise to-HAPPY-TUNES! & they keep-the Human Race,

BALANCED – and-uncertain-of-The-next-act-in-The-Play:

COMEDY-and-TRAGEDY! Have a little (of both) each day!

fin <3