Watch “Kris Phillips Fei Xiang in Gethsemane (I only want to say)” on YouTube ~ Luke  Le Bree.

Jesus Message.

O my beautiful children allow these words flow deep into your hearts. The people of the world are hiding from my call and most make themselves busy to avoid taking in the love and understanding I offer. Some do this by over indulging in activities, over eating , over working ,drinking , sexing etc. Without my love that gives you life all will fall apart. Dishonesty among leaders as a way of living their lives and without conscious are every where. Then you have your scribes or should I say Moralist who keep making laws so that you have little freedom to walk my path of love. I call on you to be brave as I have right through your history and stay close to my people of love and allow your heart to hold me close. I am aware of your situations, some of you are going through many pains and it pulls you away from me, but some of you do what is very brave and stay with me knowing that to lose our connection means a prolong period of suffering. It is true I will and can intervene into your personal life but if your free will takes you away from me I do not interfere. The Moment comes when my Father can see the numbers who are choosing to leave our ways is increasing he will say Amen and it will be done you my beautiful ones will be brought home to the light and love that I embrace you with. For those who have spread my love in messages, Your enemies and mine will seek you. Be you strong for I will be with you but you may be needed to guide the last home in the first rapture. But my love will overflow in you and you will know you are greatly appreciated by those who sit on the fence to the last moment.

Through my tears o loving God make me strong enough to serve you to the end.. My heart is sealed to yours until you call its time and lift me. Amen. <3 Luke Le Bree.