Watch “Alan Jackson – Remember When” on YouTube ~ LETTER TO MY HUSBAND ❤❤❤~ we are bilateral not unilaterally challenged ~

I remember what life was before my Husband found me

Just a shadow of a WOMEN that felt nothing, nothing at all, just material things I didn’t treasure

Thank you for the inclusion in your life and the suffering you endured

We were empty vessels in the ocean of lost dreams going forwards and backwards without a rudder

No rudder in life is the recipe for the candles flame to diminish your soul.

Feeling as though you are slowly drowning

Then it came to pass

In a flicker of an eye I stopped and watched him

Then he just disappeared

Gone like a blink of an eye and a whisper of a candle smoldering in the dark, heart beating trying to calm me inside, PUFF!!

My thoughts were of him every moment in my heart and dreams haunting my soul


My husband found me flying around the APPLE BLOSSOM Orchard

A little Fairy behold

SILVER wings with diamonds twinkling and he caught me, cut off my wings and took me HOME

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly how to handle me

~ we are bilateral not unilaterally challenged ~