This was posted to us from a source completely off their face. To day in Australia there is a by-election in NSW BUT LOOK AT THE DATE 2019 😁😂🤣 MUST BE DRUNK. Only in Australia 😁😂


Saturday 20 October 2019

Today brings about a very important time in the life of our Australian democracy. The 103,000 constituents of Wentworth NSW have the chance to send a protest to Canberra with a profound message.

They can say that they are angry and disgusted with this governments domination, it’s wrecking of democratic conventions and principles. It’s abuse of power and self-interest. It’s distain for science. It’s embarrassing lack of empathy toward human tragedy.

Even it’s sympathetic ear to dirty money and an unwillingness to concede the effects of climate change.

It can demonstrate against the Liberal Party’s sacking of Malcolm Turnbull and not having the guts to say he wasn’t one of us. That he might have been a little kind hearted. The “Why” of his sacking.

They can protest that Tony Abbott has too much influence in Liberal Party ranks and should have been shown the back door years ago. He has done more damage to our democracy than any other politician in my lifetime.

Yes, all this and much more. The people of Wentworth have the privilege of saying to the Coalition that this is not the way we want to be governed. Not at all. We are sick and tired of your little immature power games, your secrecy, extremism and lack of transparency. We wont be treated on a need to know basis anymore.

More generally it can take this protest up to all the politicians that form the Australian parliament. Tell them you are not happy,

On the eve of this most momentous election the Prime Minister has conceded that it will be difficult for his party to win. It is a statement indicative of his party’s performance. With a margin of 18% you would think it unlosable. But time will tell as to whether the electorate has the baseball bats at the ready at first base.

I for one will be most surprised if they haven’t. This party of wretched maleness has been at it now for a decade. They must go.

A measure of the collective born to rule mentality of the Coalition is that they really wanted Turnbull to be back here campaigning for Dave Sharma.

How odd it is that when you knife a Prime Minister in the back that you then expect him to support you.

Labor has politically played dead and Dr Kerryn Phelps is favoured to run second and pick up enough preferences to win the seat.

Even those on the right of politics who wouldn’t normally under any circumstances vote other than Liberal will now probably vote independent.

It shows you how much damage they have done to the body politic of Australia.

A Phelps win could have wide reaching ramifications and could set the tone of our politics for generations to come. If she plays her cards right we could be rid of them all sooner rather than later.

My thought for the day.

”I find it impossible to imagine that the Australian people would be so gullible as to elect for a third term a government that has performed so miserably in the first two. But they might”

PS. Did you know that Veteran Canberra journalist Laurie Oakes once said on television that the government “should avoid the goading and arrogance of Scott Morrison, where he just pours mullock on journalists”? Oakes added that his attitude towards journalists was disgusting. “When people like Scott Morrison give us the finger when we ask tough questions, we’ve got to shine a light on that and expose it because it’s not acceptable.”

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