“RELATIVITY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Nothing Anyone Does (In An Absolute Sense) Is THAT Important OR Terrible, BUT ‘WE’ Like To Think It Is!” a.k.a.: “Take It Easy – In Moderation!!” October 8, 2018 – Monday!
Perhaps-it’s pretty relative, what we do or say;

For-it-seems THE DIVINE’s NOT concerned – with our means & way!*

The diplomat, who travels far, and offers help to nations,

May-be less respected by-The-Divine than-an-indigent-needing-rations!

The bed-ridden cancer patient – is as honored in “God’s Net,”

As a crooked bookie – putting you in debt!

These are relativ-al matters, and the “weight” that people give,

To various-ac-i-tivities IS THEIR OPINION – Perhaps, You-could JUST-LIVE!

The mafioso hit man may-be no better in “God’s Eyes,”

Than blessed Mother Teresa – in her fine disguise,

Who was praised by so many: “That Woman Is A SAINT!”

Yet-Teresa? Often nasty – pushed underlings to faint!**

And that “murderous hit man,” whose family has all been “took,”

May be “cleaning up” what crooked policemen overlook!

Now, although The Divine, which/who apparently animates us all,

May NOT be impressed – by our (self-appointed) status at The Ball,

There is, yes, me-thinks – THE MATTER OF YOU,

Your Amazing Living Life – and all the things you do:

I might here suggest – that – a life style that’s TRUE,

Should be one – producing – a-little-touch-of-HAPPINESS for you!

For, if you are upset – by most things here in your life,

If you experience great pain – or a constant(ly), nagging wife,

PERHAPS you could find something else (to-do) with your time,

OR – modify procedures – to give-up “that life of crime!!” 🙂

Discomfort’s overstated! Also – a-sad-state-of-mind,

But, OF COURSE, I-don’t-suggest ‘escapism,’ for that’s also unkind,

But: RELAXING – and COASTING – and “laugh-smiling” too,

And skipping some-of-that-stuff – that’s-not-so-pleasant-to-do!

‘Cause IF you keep “pushing,” and imposing restrictions,

Because you THINK that’s laudable! (Well, that sounds like most addictions!)

You might make your life a self-imposed “(Life In) Hell,”

And I-really-don’t think that serves anyone (very) well!

So, perhaps YOU – should be “in charge,” JUST A LITTLE, I think:

To ease up “The Workaholic!” LESS “blue” – MORE “pink!” 🙂

fin <3

Postnote: NOW, of course, they’ll be times – when you’ll (need-to?) jump, move & shake – – – and there’ll also be times – when your body might ache – – – Because you are diving into – “a project of need, – – – And you might get a-bit tired! and even – a-bit peeved! – – – But, STILL – try to “take it easy,” as-you-can, not so gray! – – – FOR YOU’RE A GLORIOUS SOMETHING – You deserve a nice day! 🙂 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWKJJplYfNM

* – It seems as if “The Force” is perfectly willing to substitute: “curds & whey!”

** – I knew a Japanese woman, now deceased, who I respected for her integrity and commitment to “doing the right thing,” which, eventually, “killed her!” When this woman was quite young, she went to India and worked with Mother Teresa, and, although I NEVER heard her speak ill of anyone, always stressing their “best traits,” she described Mother Teresa as driven, to the point that, for the sake of many sick, “street people” she tried to help, Teresa would often disregard the needs of the volunteers who worked with her. My friend said that many co-workers with her in India referred to Mother Teresa as “The General,” and NOT in a good way. Now I certainly do NOT mean to denigrate Mother Teresa (for one thing, I never met her), but it seems to me that EVERYONE I have ever met, including myself, have “their moments,” when they are just plain mean, jump to conclusions, disregard the feelings of others, etc. It’s “the human condition,” and, as I have sometimes stated: “We Humans ARE A Mess, but so are little babies, and we love them anyway!” The Mystic Poet.