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“OUR HALLOWED EVENING PARTY! a poem a.k.a.: “Jungian Therapy: Integration, At Least Once A Year!” {almost} October 31, 2018 – in less than 1 hour! = Halloween – Odin’s Day! [All Saints’ Day will be on a Thor’s Day this year!] Invitations go out to: Mr. & Mrs. Dee Spare, Ms. Hope Less, Miss Ann Throp, The Blessings, The Darlings, The Stinkpots, The Cantus, Jen O’Seyed. Ms. Uri & Ms. Mercy Nunn. Felicia has a number of other guests we’re considering; however, we are pretty sure that there will be other folks/f®iends coming, invited or not! After all, it IS Halloween! You KNOW what happens on Halloween, right?! Well, if not … . 🙂 – Who else is on The List?

I also invited our good friends Lov(i)e – & Joy;

Plus! Peace, she came too – with her dear, little boy,

And Comfort – and Warmth, they arrived with nice gifts:

A blanket – and-a-heater – and a fine pair of “lifts!”

Phillip – and Iris – brought lov-e-ly flowers,

And Dawn – and her Norm(an) – would insure steady hours!

Sunny – and Lucky brought good-tidings and light;

Patience & Elle, they never will fight!

Yes, we socialized! – but (pause) When-The-Midnight-Hour-came,

A-dreadful-sound-outside-issued!! Who-was-to-blame?

“PARTY CRASHERS! Oh, NO!” someone exclaimed;

“Should we bolt all the doors?” “No,“ said I (pause) And-I-named,

Some-folks-we-might-expect – for – a little-bit-of-fright:

Dickie – and BILL – and MADelyn Night!

About-that-time-ROBbie-arrived! – followed-by Dred, Patches – and Sue;

They came in – to pilfer – and stir legal brew!!

“NO,” I said; “These are my friends too, as well;

It’s just that they-all – usually – stay-down in (some) Hell,*

But, at-this 13th Hour, it’s The Halloween Feast;

They come here to party – and gorge LARGE, at least!

It’s (usually) just once-a-year, but they do tend to mingle,

With the so-called “decent folk,” ‘cause, when sleigh bells do jingle,

And thankful-families eat-up their Thanksgiving turkey,

These “friends” are-not-invited (pause) for they’re just kind-a quirky!

But! Without the quirky – bizarre – loathsome-and-creepy,

The World-would evaporate! We’ve GOT-TO-HAVE-SOME WEEPY!

And some “Blue” and some Hardship – Angst-Envy-and-Pain –


So! Yea! About-that-time – THE MONSTERS ARRIVED!

Witches! and Demons! THEY ALL HAVE SURVIVED,

And killers & rapists & thieves of all kinds;

They mingled with-the “good folks,” A MEETING OF MINDS!

For, on Halloween, THE-NICE-FOLKS – will dress up as fien’s,

Because – DEEP-INSIDE – We ALL have some “means,”

To-NOT BE VERY NICE – and we lose sight of this,

When our laws – and our mores – promote-Kindness & Bliss.

So, everyone got acquainted, and we parted as friends(?)



OF-ALL-LIFE (pause)

NEVER ENDS! 🙂 – Ho, ho, ho!

fin <3

* – The Unconscious Mind?!