“A PERFECT FIT!” a poem Oct. 27, 2018 – Saturday!

The Owl – and-The-Hyena! They make – QUITE A PAIR:

The OWL – likes to sleep-quite-late; the-HYENA-don’t-much-care!

But – they’re “a fit,” A PERFECT FIT! So they belong together,

Cuddling! and-Kissing! In any kind of weather!

The Owl squawks & swoops! And also floats & squints;

The Hyena – likes-to-stare-&-dream – and-place-some-not-so-subtle-hints,

About – how-much – he loves The Owl,

[And The Hyena is – almost-always – “on the prowl!”]

Yet – the-Owl-is-wise!! and-“puffs-out” her chest –

And-that placates-the (horny) hyena!! You-can-prob’ly-guess-the-rest!!

🙂 – “He who laughs, lasts!”

fin <3