“MY DREAM GIRL – AS ‘REAL’ AS IT GETS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Welcome To Another Illusory Month Of October In This Illusory Year, Where Halloween Comes But Once?!” Monday:


“I DREAMED OF YOU LAST NIGHT,” She said, as-we-talked upon the phone;

“I LOVE to dream of YOU, my Love – and-I LOVE to be ALONE,

With-you-in-life! It-is SO SPECIAL, that IN REALITY,We are together, as a MARRIED couple – YOU ARE – My Destiny!”

“I love you too,” I did reply; “but-you-know! REALITY(?)

Is but a dream, we’re just “asleep” – AND-we-dream-mortality!”

“Oh-you-jest; you jest!” SHE laughed out loud – “Life IS so REAL, My Dear,

TOUCH-and-TASTE-and-TIME’S SO REAL! These things are ALWAYS clear!”

Although-dreaming DREAMS WITHIN THIS DREAM, outside of time & space,

Might-give-the-notion-this-is-not-a-dream, THIS-IS A SPECIAL CASE:

That we have conjured, oh, so well – to give the quaint impression,

That-REALITY is really real: yet, it’s just a dreaming session,

Which we can even prove a bit – when-we-glance-at-molecules,

PARTICLES, themselves-not-real! vibrating-in-vestibules,

And TIME AND SPACE-ARE-ILLUSORY! We know this, when we die,

Where the lie of space & time’s exposed – and another dream we try,

Called-the-AFTERLIFE (presuming THIS is life!) – but in this death so-called

We’re dreaming still, with senses new, but 3-D time has stalled!

So, never doubt, OH, Separate “Friends,” that whatever you might do-here,

Like dreaming, phoning, eating, rhyming – It’s illusory! “Boo-hoo, Dear!”

And-although-UNREAL – and-although-we’re-ghosts,

Still know “I” love you so:

And-I-always-will – FOR WE’RE THE SAME! “God”-masturbating, you know! Comes But Once?!” Monday: 10/1/2018