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Mind Exercises Matter

Mind Exercises Matter
Yes! You can definitely train your brain to improve focus. If you practice yoga, you’ll know that performing a few yoga postures and breathing exercises can help you to concentrate better. Also, meditation has shown to benefit people by increasing their focus levels significantly. Did you know that as per research, Buddhist monks who have been meditating everyday since so many years faired better on attention and concentration tests?
But if the aforementioned methods don’t seem to work for a restless soul like yourself, try to do simpler concentration exercises. There are plenty of resources available online, but here are a few things you can do to get started:

Pick up any book and tally the sum of words in a paragraph. Then move onto the next paragraph and count again. Repeat this until you’ve completed counting the number of words on one or two pages. Doing this everyday can increase concentration. Think of an inspirational word or a sound like “om” and focus on it for about five minutes. Once you realize that you have directed all your concentration on this word or sound, try to concentrate further for another 10 minutes.

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