Managing Conflicts

Conflict is a condition where there is opposition, disagreement and/or antagonism between two or more people. This may be due to lack of communication, differences over certain issues and/or contradiction in ideas, beliefs and thoughts. Use words like ‘I understand’, ‘I somewhat agree with you’, ‘what you are saying is fine but…,’ and then put forth your point. This will make things better and will lead to a healthy discussion avoiding any scope for conflicts. Do not try to resolve conflicts over non-personal communication modes like e-mails, answering machine messages, and notes. At times, this can worsen the condition. Communicate in person or at least over the phone.

Give him a chance to speak and politely ask him the reasons of why he or she thinks so and what the alternate strategies are then. If you agree to his/her point accept so humbly. Controlling your anger and frustration is the biggest challenge while managing conflicts. Sometimes, it is better to be silent and let some time pass by so that you can look at things more objectively. Keep no room for any kind of attitude problems. Be humble, intelligent and a great communicator and the rest will fall in place


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  1. Really good post ….. I learned when l was in the finance industry working as a consultant and being provided contracts how to know when someone lies and how to tackle them after l found out: Firstly to know absolutely they have lied to you …. never ever lie and l cant its not in me: My nurture of a lying mother took care of that God given of course, she could not tell the truth and you can imagine the arguments that ensued. Once you ask a question of a liar and they give you an answer, note the answer down then ask the same question again the following day and 9 times out of 10 it will be different …. You now know the lie from the truth now.
    You then have to manage any conflict by deflecting their lie back at them so they answer the same question but by it becoming a way to elicit the truth …. As an example by directing them to single points of what they said and wrote on the application for their loan and directing them to your findings …. they then tie themselves up in knots trying to coverup their lies and in some cases come clean, not all as some leopards never change their spots. I only advised the lenders to provide funds in the cases that told me the truth and the others went by the wayside., as you can imagine we only lent to a few ….. that was 1980s – 90’s . Today its more difficult they call lies its just BuSINess

    1. Spot on Ian 🌞 Truth. Living within the Law is really simple in Business and personal lives. My IQ level is High, but memory is about 60 seconds. True as I have been in trials for yes Medical Trials concerning neurons within the brain. That answer ratifies your statement why doing business with a person like me with High IQ. Lol I have live within the Law cause if I didn’t I would have been in Jail the rest of my life 😂😂🤗😁😊

      1. You will be saved as knowing you faults is the first step to forgiveness and knowing the answer to the question before its said is mine ….. Its freedom of the soul or persona we seek not freedom of thought as giving of the mind only strengthens the soul and the brain answers only the question of why? Their are four precepts to remember of thought they are how, what, when and who once these are known you are healed as their is no why or question and so it must be God Amen

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