Heavenly beauty can surround you, but first you must allow your inner world love to be lived. One can try so hard to create a life that is exciting and fulfilling , but without your acceptance of Gods love within, all will fall many times until you are reborn in Gods care. You may be seen to be with graces and a projector of much beauty, but if the life within you is lonely and has lost self understanding of who you truly are, then you are empty and only your tears will give you company.
I cry out for the real you to be discovered because it is LOVE and it is warm and comforting. Behind your eyes truth surfaces as you see the world and all people as they are. Your love for them all becomes stronger every day and you walk with God who blesses you with the energy of understanding of real life.
You are my sisters and brothers and I will honor you to the degree you own the beauty within you. For I can see it, yet I know how long it takes to discover the sacred within, but once you realize you are a child of God your surrender to this understanding brings you HOME. Blessings. Luke Le Bree.