When turning your back on old ways of conflict and dark nights of the soul, you have chosen the light and understood its power to transform your life. Not all the ones that have influence in your old life will be happy and will try to bring you back to your old ways .
Know the the greater the conflict that may challenge you will bring you through to the brightest dawn and the power of freedom will return to you as in being in natural state.When challenged do not add to conflict for that is the old way, Observe what others are saying and doing and then the path to peace and the love of God will be as lightening, and your new understanding will know it is not that of what others are saying.
As you walk with the power of Jesus your light and connection to the holy Spirit becomes a manifestation of true life and the power to heal many from the demons that entrap them to old ways.
Each day is a new creation of love if in the morning you draw close to God and call upon The Holy Spirit to guide you and heighten your awareness. Know that what you are facing is the oldest battle, yet it is your last battle to overcome the darkness of separation from love. Have you the Faith to believe the true power and worth you are in being a warrior of light, or will you step back in the shadows of manipulation of worldly power. ? Blessings . Luke Le Bree.