Jesus Message.

Let you not debate among yourselves and divide the love I give equally to all that follow me. To debate over my life is to tear my love apart. Love is who I am, on those grounds come together and in my Spirit be you one with me.
I tell you this so you can see where evil comes from and how it is used to place more importance on one group or one person over another who claim to be mine. I came and lived the truth of the Father and the poorest of you who love me equaled the richest. Just as the uneducated is loved as much as the educated. The reason for that is that many of the educated have place importance on what they have been taught where the uneducated have shown there love by being my love with all they meet who also allows the love rule over the head first. This is not to say that wise ones do it different, but ones who put a education above their and my love need to humble themselves. Do not believe your church is more righteous than another on for by doing so you divide my beautiful people and I love you all and wish also to have a personal relationship with me . It may be in your buildings or in the forests and fields , know the sacred places are everywhere where as God flows and gives life which gives you love. The People that do harm to any of my people knowingly will be taken to Hell, when there time comes . Luke my messenger was given a glance of what hell was like compared to the innocents of love . He still knows to this day and is so moved at what he seen. So understand walk in my footsteps and let your love do godly works each day and allow me to love you because your heart is open to mine.

I thank you dear Jesus for each bit of love and understanding you give to a soul such as my self. For my love and beauty all comes from you and my surrender to it. Amen.