With the beauty and the love flowing to me from Jesus I ask that I be strong enough to share my love to all , but I also weep also for the little children who have so little to eat. Only 8% of the world population has two or more meals in a day, 92% have less and small children many die for soldiers return home here from far away places and see them laying in the streets unable to move from lack of food. But the military zillions of dollars being spent on it every day. how sick the world is but I know that this will not continue for the time for Gods people is close at hand and the little innocent ones and you believers will be the ones who are swept home to Gods care for the Father will say no more time its Amen. And Jesus will come as a thief in the night and it will be a twinkling of a eye then take his family of innocents home. Amen. Let your love flow freely to all until that time arrives for all who go out of there way to help the least of importance in mans eyes will be whom Jesus will lift above all who have held them down because of their lack of love. Blessings my beautiful sisters and brothers, and a deep love for the small ones I hold in my heart. <3 <3 <3 Luke Le Bree.