I am a Native American and contrary to the misguided and even more sinister intent, WE ARE NOT GODLESS

I am a Native American and contrary to the misguided and even more sinister intent, WE ARE NOT GODLESS HEATHENS. It is a lie perpetrated by the Christian faiths and the US Government for the purpose of exterminating the Native American peoples to still their lands.The genocide by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis of the Jewish people (six million by some estimate) barely amount to a single drop in a five gallon bucket of water to the estimated two and one half billion of our people slaughtered by the Christian people who came to our hemisphere. That is the smaller estimate. Some estimates eclipse three billion. First the Spanish soldiers led by the Catholic Padres,then the French Jesuit Priests, then the Dutch and British colonists. With their independence under the Washington administration the first policy was the intent to spread from the 13 eastern colonies on the Atlantic coast clear to the Pacific. This policy became “Manifest Destiny.” The question of the indigenous people was raised so after only a few days of discussion it was decreed that we were not in the lineage of Adam and Eve and therefore we were less than human and no more than godless savages.It was then decided that because they were white and Christian that God gave them the right to our lands. The second policy of the US became known as “Inherent Christian Doctrine.” First ALL Native American people were forced to walk without food and water across the other side of the Mississippi River where more than 3\4 of them perished. After the Civil War efforts escalated but with little success by military action so the problem was eradicated by the Christian Missionaries delivering tens of thousands of smallpox diseased blankets knowingly to the Plains tribes that were foolish enough to trust these ambassadors of Christ. The smallpox epidemic swept across the Plains faster than a prairie decimating the Native American people wiping out hundreds of entire tribes.So before you question other’s faiths consider the acts and lack of human decency so prevalent among yours. Just sayin’…
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Written by Robert Tanner American