Want to boost your mood? Try these food items

Do you want to boost your mood? Are you struggling to cope up with the mood swings and the negativity in your daily life?

Well, like always, food is the solution. While we are aware of the fact that food can impact your physical health, most of us overlook the fact that Food has a direct impact on our mental health as well. For instance, certain food items can boost your mood.

Legumes come first in the list. It has the ability to keep our blood sugar stable and in turn, makes us happy. Leafy Grains and Whole grains also have a positive impact on our mood due to the vitamins that it provides to our body. The presence of Vitamin B in these food items is what does the trick.

Stretch Marks: This Food item can help you get rid of it

Stretch Marks can be embarrassing. In this era, when everyone wants a flawless skins stretch marks are indeed a big headache. The same can appear due to many reasons like weight gain, weight loss or even pregnancy.

Getting rid of it is easier said than done. This is where coconut oil comes in. The food item is known to be a great remedy for the marks. All you have to do is take a few drops of the coconut oil and apply it on the areas which are affected.

Rather than using coconut oil alone, you can also mix coconut oil with castor oil, turmeric powder or salt and sugar. Mixing coconut oil with olive oil can be effective as well.

Get stronger Nails by adding these food items to your diet

Nails are something that we often overlook when it comes to beauty care. We might spend a lot of time to focus on our hair or our skin, but having strong nails is as important as skin care and hair care.

And you can get the same by making some changes to your diet. For instance, adding certain food items to your diet can give your nail stron.

Fish is one such food item. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which will do wonders for you. Similarly, Eggs, Green Peas and Oats are also good for a strong nail. Green Leafy vegetables is another alternative that you can try.

What happens when you drink a cup of coffee every day?

A cup of coffee in the morning might just be a routine for most of us. But are you aware of the health benefits that are involved?

For instance, drinking coffee every day can reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis. In fact, this is directly proportional to the number of cups that one drinks per day.

Drinking one cup of coffee per day can reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis by around 22%. Meanwhile, drinking two cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk by 43%. Similarly, three cups of coffee can reduce the risk by 57%.

Apart from this, coffee is proven to improve heart functions in the elderly.

Yogurt or Soft Drinks: Which is healthier?

Most of us see Yogurt as a superfood. And to an extent, it is indeed a superfood. But did you know that it may contain more sugar than soft drinks?

A new research in the United Kingdom has shown that the Yogurt products which are marketed to children contain high levels of sugar. This, in turn, puts children under the risk of obesity and tooth decay.

Only fewer than one in 10 Yogurt products were found to be containing low sugar. This means that other nine products are unhealthy for us.

Sugary food and your skin: Here’s the relationship

It’s no secret that the food we eat has an impact on our skin. But have you ever wondered how sugary food works on your skin?

According to studies, high levels of insulin can result in wrinkling of the skin. And as you know, the levels of insulin increase when we eat more sugar filled items. Packed juice is also something that can increase insulin levels.

Apart from causing wrinkles, high insulin levels can result in dull complexion and damage skin. Dark patches on the neck and body folds can also be formed due to this.

Facts: Why is there empty space in Cup Noodles?

We are always judging the food industry and even the empty space in cup noodles. The fault may be in the fact that the industry has in its course, deceived us in many ways. Hence sometimes we fall into conclusions that are not true.

The empty space can be seen at the bottom of many noodle cup products including the Ramen Cup Noodles. This though perceived by us to be deceptive, it’s not the case. It is a technique used to protect the noodles during transportation.

What more, it helps to add softness to our noodles. If you don’t believe me here are some scientific facts from the Cup Noodles Museum in Japan.

β€œA method by which the noodles are tightly packed so as to remain suspended in the middle of the container was invented and called β€˜Middle Suspension.’ By using this method, the noodles are less likely to break, and since there is a space at the bottom of the cup, hot water can circulate thoroughly from below, ensuring that the noodles soften evenly.”

Are apples with wax coating safe to eat?

There are many food myths going around and one of them is about the wax coating on apples. Yes, it is true that commercially sold apples have a coating of wax on them. But is it harmful?

This wax coating is made with chemicals that are safe and edible. They are in no way harmful to you. This method of waxing apples has a purpose. It helps preserve the apples from going bad and enhances the appearance of the apple.

The history of the practice published in β€˜The Atlantic’ can be used as a reference. It reads as follows:

Once the fruit is picked and washed, though, its natural wax comes off, along with any dirt or chemical residue from the orchard. The fruit then needs a new coating for protection.

Artificial fruit wax merges food preservation and food presentation. It contains fungicides to inhibit mold growth, controls fruit respiration to delay ripening, protects from bruising while the fruit travels, and includes tints and glossy shellac to enhance a fruit’s appearance.

Broccoli: Reasons why you should include it in your diet

Broccoli, a vegetable from cruciferous vegetable family is one of the healthiest food items to be added to your meal.

The health benefits of broccoli include:

Lowers the risk of cancer
Improves bone health
Help to fight against skin damages and keep your skin glowy
Improves digestion and natural detoxification
Protect us from chronic diseases
The nutritional effect of broccoli and its possible health benefits shows the importance of incorporating more broccoli into your diet.



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