This food item can increase the risk of Breast Cancer

The number of breast cancer victims is on the rise. A lot of factors contribute to it but the most important one perhaps from the lot is the modern lifestyle. The lack of exercise and a messed up diet can lead one to the disease and a recent study suggests the same.

According to the International Journal of Cancer, it was found that processed meat has a direct impact on breast cancer. Consumption of the food item can increase the risk of cancer by 9%.

Earlier, processed meat was linked with many other cancers but the new study concludes that it contributes to the development of breast cancer as well.

Junk Food Withdrawal: Is it real?

A new study has found that Junk Food Withdrawal could be real.

The study published in the Journal Appetite, it was noted that people who cut back on eating highly processed snacks such as chips, fries and cookies experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms can include mood swings, cravings, headaches, anxiety and even bad sleep. Such symptoms are most intense between two and five days after reducing junk foods.

For the uninitiated, such withdrawals are similar to the ones that happen when one stops smoking cigarettes. So if you want to eat healthily and keep the processed food away, you better do it slowly.

But then again, the withdrawal symptoms depend on how much addicted you are to junk foods.

Healthy Lungs: Include these food items in your diet

The importance of keeping your lungs health cannot be stressed enough. The organ is as important as our heart when it comes to body functioning. However, we often overlook the things that can impact our lung badly.

Avoiding exposure to pollution and dropping the habit of smoking are two things that can instantly impact the health of your lung. Along with this, proper exercise can help you improve the lung health.

Lastly and most importantly, eating certain food items can help you. For the lungs, it is recommended to eat fatty fish which is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, apples, walnuts and berries. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary. Spices, on the other hand, can help you combat the potential respiratory problems.

Coffee and Acne: Here’s the relationship

It’s no secret that your diet is directly linked with acne. And while we are aware of most of the food items which cause the issue, we often overlook coffee.

For most of us, Coffee is a routine. When we drink it, we usually don’t bother about the impact that it has on our health or skin. But the reality is: Coffee can lead to acne breakout.

Here’s what skin experts have to say about the phenomenon.

β€œAcne can be aggravated by excessive coffee intake; however, it’s not the cause. It is primarily due to hormonal imbalances. One should avoid processed food and sugar in their diet. Eat clean healthy fruits and veggies that are seasonal.”

So if you are struggling with acne, better try cutting down on your coffee intake.

Want to boost your mood? Try these food items

Do you want to boost your mood? Are you struggling to cope up with the mood swings and the negativity in your daily life?

Well, like always, food is the solution. While we are aware of the fact that food can impact your physical health, most of us overlook the fact that Food has a direct impact on our mental health as well. For instance, certain food items can boost your mood.

Legumes come first in the list. It has the ability to keep our blood sugar stable and in turn, makes us happy. Leafy Grains and Whole grains also have a positive impact on our mood due to the vitamins that it provides to our body. The presence of Vitamin B in these food items is what does the trick.

Stretch Marks: This Food item can help you get rid of it

Stretch Marks can be embarrassing. In this era, when everyone wants a flawless skins stretch marks are indeed a big headache. The same can appear due to many reasons like weight gain, weight loss or even pregnancy.

Getting rid of it is easier said than done. This is where coconut oil comes in. The food item is known to be a great remedy for the marks. All you have to do is take a few drops of the coconut oil and apply it on the areas which are affected.

Rather than using coconut oil alone, you can also mix coconut oil with castor oil, turmeric powder or salt and sugar. Mixing coconut oil with olive oil can be effective as well.

Get stronger Nails by adding these food items to your diet

Nails are something that we often overlook when it comes to beauty care. We might spend a lot of time to focus on our hair or our skin, but having strong nails is as important as skin care and hair care.

And you can get the same by making some changes to your diet. For instance, adding certain food items to your diet can give your nail stronger

Fish is one such food item. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which will do wonders for you. Similarly, Eggs, Green Peas and Oats are also good for a strong nail. Green Leafy vegetables is another alternative that you can try.