“GOD!” a poem a.k.a.: “I Shall Be What I Shall Be!” Oct. 8, 2018 – Monday.

Jesus (especially) liked His Dad – So – God to Him was (a) Father!*

Buddha liked FRESH AIR, so He – went even farther,

And said that GOD – was a-breath-of-fresh air,

A practical VOID, just-a-blowing in your hair!

Confucius liked SOCIAL ORDER, so GOD was CIVILIZATION,

And Lao Tsu? He liked BALANCE – so! He liked-to-be-“on vacation!”

Well, as for me, I-really-like YOU, you are so sexy & sweet;

(You can choose your own “God!” – ain’t that pretty neat?)

And change IT, as you will; now some folks like their Satan,

Or There’s the nice Earth Mother! or on-MONEY some are waitin’!

So, go ahead!** Just go for What (pause) or Whom you prob’bly will;

THEY ARE STILL ALL; They’re all JUST YOU, you silly, sexy PILL!***

fin <3

* – to Him!

** – Although everyone ALREADY HAS!

*** – Some people go for MEDICATION; it eases-the heavy load; so THAT’S THEIR GOD, but s(he)’s double-edged – “DEPENDENTS” might explode!****

**** – “Choose wisely, Indiana!” A HUMBLE God might-be best; ‘cause, unlike Sigourney’s “Alien,” an-humble-God – won’t breach your chest!