“Giving More Respect To Turkeys!”TEXAS COWBOY

“RESPECT!” a poem, intended to convey respect! a.k.a.: “Good Luck!” October 15, 2018 (Monday) [Preface: “Giving More Respect To Turkeys!” a poem within this poem, kinda! [”Help! I was kidnapped! by turkeys – with beaks and snoods! / They DEMANDED more respect; there were both hens & dudes: /“We are primary coverts!” at me they squawked; / “so we are ‘undercover,’ urging-respect!” and-we-talked! / For quite a while – in-a turkey dialect! / I REALLY must say that I felt a bit ‘hen-pecked!’ /Anyway, I DO – have more respect for them now – / For the noble, stately, L-Tryptophanic turkey, somehow! / They’re just raising families and are regular “birds,” / pursuing The American Dream – and-fertilizing-Earth-with their turds! / But! Their American Dream, for some reason, has been ‘soured; / so I DO urge us to respect them more – and-to-be more ‘chicken-powered!’”] Now, for your regularly scheduled poem:

The QUESTION OF RESPECT!! (pause) It-now comes up so often, Love!

I’m PRETTY SURE – that no one knows – what REAL respect is (even) made-of;

Perhaps because: RESPECT – – – IS RULED BY A LITTLE GIRL,

Who screams: “Y-all-are-‘dissing’-me – ‘CAUSE – you don’t like my brand, new curl,”

Or, sometimes, you’ll hear a guy say: “Pretty-green-dress-Cindy; it’s just right for you!”

THEN! SHE’LL CLAIM DISRESPECT, ’cause he mistakes turquoise for blue!!

Does anyone know what they are talking about when the definitions are all new?

When we ALL see colors differently! So-is DISRESPECT! – seeing-a-different-hue?

Disrespect is SO subjective; it’s like: WHAT IS YOUR GOD TO YOU?

Could be: The Force – Nature – An Old Man – or – A Big-Breasted Shrew!

Disrespect? DISRESPECT! I think THIS definition’s clever:

RESPECT (n): Never claiming any disrespect – regarding-anyone! ever!

Because – when YOU see disrespect – it’s in YOUR eyes! You! The Beholder!


It’s YOUR reaction! NOT what THEY do or say;

Our terms are so fowled up – I (still) claim –

NOT JUDGING – (pause) is The Greatest Respect you can pay! 🙂

fin <3