Diary OF A MAN Mad


(Let’s face it! ANY experience you have, has the potential to be “good” or “bad,” depending upon your perception of it! You can ALWAYS put a “positive” spin on anything, or so some people say!! Anyway, there are likely to be some moments that you might remember that were not altogether pleasant. These are some of those for me!? )

A M Run -Passed out[& then hit]{after hitting}a vehicle-waked in hospital[attending SR]
Lost Palestrina (our pet cat) – at night – returned from Bonfire [early childhood]
Poked in throat by upperclassman (Charles Bartolotta) at West Point
Dental visit – 1st (one ever) – Drilled & filled [early childhood]
Shameful encounter – Dan Garber – front porch bed – mutual masturbation
Alicia brought home – Parents introduced her to me [Age 5 – Spokane] Very upset
(grabbed her hand & squeezed TOO hard & startled look on Alicia’s face.
2nd Divorce – 1st floor – touched on forehead by Robin’s friend
Fell from bicycle – intersection of Hendricks & Alley.
Fell from goal post at Alpine H. S. – during summer with Robin
Teaching – Austin: classroom Phone call
smoking student – “cracked”


Shame: with Julia – in dorm across street from her apartment
Mahikari – Effortful-ness in extreme
Gang of Bullies – in Dillon – shame of needing cousins’ help
Dental Appointments – Dillon
– Big Spring
– Marble Falls – horrific long trips, spyrocete viewings, drills, smells,
motel rooms (drugged, snoring, refrigerator) – sound amp.
– Houston
– Midland
Law Cases – Woman in Welfare Benefits Case
Forced to perform on cello in Helena front room.
Dad kicks down door in Dillon
Dad shouting at truck driver during drivers’ training
Dad playing guitar for Grama Mazie, prone & in drugged state.