{Preface: FASTER EFT is a form of EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique) developed by a man from Oklahoma named Robert G. Smith. I have never met Mr. Smith, but I think I HAVE corresponded with him and very much appreciate his efforts to help spread FasterEFT. About 3 years ago, which is when this Diary was written, I happened upon a video of his numbered 780, which is included in this post; after listening to it, I was, of course, saddened when he mentioned someone with a lot of problems, who, at that time, was evidently NOT following through with his recommendations! Based on my experiences of tapping and TRYING to address so many hurtful emotions that I have, I responded to what he said and how he analyzed the situation on this, page 63. With that as background, I offer you that page of this diary}: 63. “It’s NOT WHAT I have; it’s what I feel inside.” Rob. G Smith 4/18/2015 is off a Video I just need to learn to LOVE MYSELF. [My mantra!] “I’ll just keep tapping & see what happens.” To: Robert G. Smith re: Video #780 Dear Robert, please don’t forget the dream you have come from – the dream of sadness . . . . . . . hopelessness. The dream BEFORE tapping – the dream before hope . . . and what awakened you from the dream – surely, you haven’t forgotten – Your “client” is still in the dream (before experiencing SOME recognizable relief based on tapping) – your client is truly sad, truly hopeless – truly – – – – – for true, deep sorrow prevents her from tapping – surely you know – surely you remember – in such a state, (my opinion) tapping is NOT possible – the sorrow is too deep – in such a case only YOU can reach out & tap for her – and redeem her because she is TOO LOST – there is not even (the slightest) hope to tap – Tap for her – help her awaken from the (bad) dream – tap on her until she awakens – until She is filled with enough hope to tap – love her – tap on her – forgive her – forgive yourself for it’s not about the tapping – It’s about awakening & the only thing that awakens – that can save any of us – from the depths of our sorrowful sleep is GRACE Namaste Shalom